Noll's Christmas Wrap-up

Christmas time!
Time for the predictable beans to tie a bow around some
(slow) unsuspecting cat's neck!

A festive, though slightly grinchy-looking Luigi watching from afar.

Tiggy waits for the signal to begin unwrapping.
He smells Temptations!

What's been nipping at Uncle Keak's nose!

Patrick and Tiggy talking about all things ginger.

Corrie, my Christmas rainbow.

Uncle Keaks recovering from all the excitement.

Me & MY Christmas present!
(OK, it's for all of us.
And, as it is Christmas, I will gladly share.)


Yes, these laser eyes are focused on you, Tiggy!


Noll Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Jolly old St. Nicholas, lean your head this way

Noll has a wish or two
And this is what he says.....

May all my friends receive blessings
and peace in their hearts,
and always.

Merry Christmas!


Noll Shines Up His Nose

Just in case Rudolph has other plans,
Noll is all shined up and ready to go.....


Noll's Thankful Thursday

Noll is "Thankful" that Christmas
is just DAYS away!
Christmas, Christmas
Time is near.

Noll can hardly stand the wait....
Nor can he remain "good" much longer.
Hurry Christmas, Hurry FAST!!  ;)



Noll Remembers Tiggy's Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day Tiggy

Tiggy's tale of "Gotcha" is very different from mine.

My Own literally stalked my shy ginger brother.  It took her five days to get close enough to snatch "Tigger" up and reunite him with me, "Noel."

Yes....You read that correctly.  My name was originally "Noel."  But it was a short-lived name.

A couple weeks after we had found our forever home, My Own and her daughter were fussing over us and admiring our now chubby bellies.  They simultaneously realized that, even though "Noel" would forever remind them of their 'sweet little Christmas kitten,' it was no longer appropriate. I was not a girl!  There was some laughter and then the rather odd remark about me "Looking like a Noll."  Whatever that means!

Anyhoo, this is supposed to be about brother Tiggy, so here is his tale.


Noll's Gotcha Day

"My earliest memory is of the crisp earth, fragrant pine
 and a voice that echoed with delight"......Noll

The warm sunshine that slanted
through the low evergreens,
beckoned me to leave
their safe shadows.

My hungry mom afield
in search of food
to nourish her still nursing body;
my ginger brother hunkered
down in the dark dank of a drain.

All I know is,
 at that precise moment,
I was meant to be seen:

Her daughter's chance glance out the window
and my brief walk in the sun,
became a ride through the air!

As My Own scooped me high,
Her face level to mine,
She told me
I was a "Kitten from Heaven."

And I believe it to be true.

On that day I flew!
From cold ground to warm embrace,
as if on angel's wings!


Noll Gets into the Holiday Spirit

Tis many a day before the holiday morn,
but Noll is already in his nip patch
dreaming of a white Christmas,
and a visit from Santa Paws ;)


Noll's Country Cousins

Cousin Gizzie is the newest member of the family.  He's a ball of fire.  He is named after the first Cousin Gizmo.  See http://nollsnip.blogspot.com/2009/04/noll-remembers-gizmo.html for the story of the elder Gizmo.  Young Gizzie was adopted from the local Humane Society a few months ago.
 He is quite the little stinker :)

Cousin Simba is quiet elegance;
handsome, yet shy around everyone but his family - for at least the first few hours of your visit.  Then, Simba ventures out for attention.  My Own loves to photograph him because he's a Meezer (Meezers are strikingly beautiful & he has these amazing blue eyes like me!)

Oh the huskies....
They are a bundle of energy and love.
 Zero is the black puppers dog and Java is the coffee colored one - he is loaded with extra sugar ;)
 Here, they are sitting, waiting for a treat. 
If ever you feel down and need a nose kiss or an exuberant welcome, this pair will gladly oblige!


Noll Gives Thanks

Noll says:

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for
my return to health,
my blogging pals,
my nip,

Kareen says:

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for
the cat blogosphere,
my family,
my job,

Noll's Post Script:  Hee hee.....Did you notice I made BOTH lists!


The Taste in Noll's Mouth

Noll reports: 

A few more "lick baths" and I will have
successfully eliminated that
banana-flavored Clavamix from my mouth.......


A Look Inside Noll's Medicine Cabinet

 Although it is not apparent,
Noll IS smiling on the inside....
His oil treatments have been scaled back;
and he had the last of the Clavamix this evening.
One less dropper in the mouth is a good thing!

Through it all, Noll was a very good patient.


Noll has a Major Breakthrough!

After about a week of waiting:
punctuated with doses of cod liver oil,
diluted chicken baby food and mineral oil,
Noll has success :)


Noll on 'Graduation'

In stages, in degrees, that which happens slowly over time often escapes us.  We do not experience the small changes, the graduation; the creeping, forward march of time until we consciously blink and see - as if for the first time - that something has changed.

Like the falling of leaves, the years of life drop off.  One day, the leaves are bright red, yellow-peach and gold.  The next, all but a few remain clinging to the tree. 
Noll is recovering from his graduation.  The signs were there before my closed eyes. I did not notice the extra long naps, his quietness before the storm.

His medical write up says "senior blood profile."  How did my baby Noll became a senior overnight?  Did I not see the leaves falling year after year?

But there they are:  Nine years since Noll stumbled into my life.  Nine years of falling leaves.
I pray for another nine
and then, nine more.


More on Noll

We got some good news today....Noll's T4 (thyroid) is normal. It was enlarged and that was a concern.

The antibiotics appear to be working.  Noll is finally moving around.  His bean sister Corrie came home from college.  She took him outside today and is giving him TLC right now.  Noll ate a little Iams this afternoon and licked some chicken baby food for dinner.  I will try the watered down version suggested by the Cats of Wildcats Wood.  (Noll lost 2 pounds.)  Noll still isn't drinking water on his own and he has not eliminated, which was my original concern and thought of what ailed him.  I still think that is part of the problem.

Thank you everyone for the purrs and headbutts and a-roos ;)  We appreciate you!

This was taken Saturday afternoon right
before Noll started acting punky on Sunday. 
Noll was fist-pounding the front door :)


Noll's Diagnosis

Noll went to the vet today.  He had some blood work done: elevated white blood cells, dehydration, an inflammed pancreas. Noll was given subcutaneous fluids, some antibiotics. 

We wait for the hopeful signs of eating and drinking on his own again. 

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and concern.  They mean the world to me.

My sweet Noll


Noll Can't Come Out to Play Today

Noll is under the weather.

He started acting punky Saturday afternoon.
Sunday, Noll was horizontal all day, with no interest in food.
I took him outside for a brief walkabout
 & he ate a few blades of grass.
In the evening, Noll rejected the third can
of stinky goodness offered to him today.

So he got a dropper full of cod liver oil for dinner.
Maybe I worry too much.
But he is my Nollie.
Some purrs would be most appreciated

Thanks everyone......Kareen


Noll & His Peeps

I must check on my peeps.
I sense a stupor.
A giving in to the drowsies.

"Hey! I didn't give you guys permission to take five!

I"M directing this play.
I like to call it "Nollie in Charge."
Although My Own calls it
"Noll the Instigator."

Ready Luigi?....And



Noll Blogs for Peace

Let's replace fussing & fighting

with random acts of kindness. 

And, let's give an extra measure
of "Peace on Earth"
to all the furry, feathered & finny creatures
who live amongst us!


Noll's Bean Sister Says "Meow" =^..^=

I have not seen Corrie my older bean sister
for several weeks. 
 Mind you....
She has always looked good to me

 However, for some inexplicable reason
-and I can't quite put my paw on it -
I thinks she looks better than ever.

I think she is parting her hair different ;)


Noll's Status Quo....

Halloween fun is over.

.....it's back to the nip!


Noll's Halloween Parade

Tiggy went Linus on us!
We left him in his shady gourd patch
waiting for The Great (Ginger) Pumpkin.

Uncle Keaks was first out the door,
He felt a patch of good cheer -
ready to walk the plank
and engage in a few good natured pranks.

Simba arose and ambled merrily along
though he appeared to be
 a little stiff in the old Steiff.

AH.....Luigi was a good little "Do-Bee!"

He was courteous to all the ghosts & goblins.
But, at the stroke of midnight,
He clocked Bearla
And took out his lights.
...................................and candy

And moi?  Look at moi!

Aren't I a precious...little....vamp....
I...er...I'm a .......
Hey, my costume sucked!

And her?

She went as Herself.


Noll Hunkers Down & Dreams of Halloween

Do you see me?

I am undercover,
dreaming of tricks & treats.


Noll Reflects on Simba

original photo of Kareen & Simba by Alex Szabo

Long ago,
There was a kitten,
And a little girl who loved him.
His name was Simba.
Simba would become the cat of her dreams.
 The love of her young life.
They never got to say goodbye.
She says I remind her of him.
She says she still misses him,
like the deserts miss the rain.


Noll's a Winner!

Here is a photo of me & my friend
Sir Trooder Lioncourt 
in all his floofalicious glory.
I *guessed Trooder's weight* and was
one of three winners!

His Mom sent me fresh catnip and catmint
 sealed in an air tight bag.

It was 'minty-fresh' AND heavenly :)

Thank you Trooder's Mom!


Noll on Greenie Witch

Greenie Witch hangs with Tiggy -
one of her favorite ginger 'familiars.'


Noll's Belated Blogoversary

Here is the face that launched
 140 posts over the course of one year 

Unfortunately, I was unable to celebrate on the designate day & I could not put together a party.  I had every intention.  But the secretary was in Cleveland.  Then, she clicked on a link which infected her computer.  The virus won & the computer is toast.

So instead of a party, I am going to ramble. 

My Own (which is what I call her because she belongs TO ME) started this blog on October 15, 2008 to write prose, poetry, showcase her father's artwork & her four beautiful cats.  When I, your humble Noll, was selected as "Random Cat of the Day on 3/27/09, well, the direction and purpose shifted to ALL THINGS NOLL with a little bit of Tiggy, Luigi and Uncle Keaks.  But sometimes, I let her write too ;)

Following Random Cat of the Day's notice that I had been chosen , my first comment from the cat blogosphere came from Jan's Funny Farm.  Moi, Momsbusy, ElyseK, Everycat, Astrid and ckhelmg also posted lovely thoughts that day.

I am truly amazed and glad for the the blogging cat community.  You are all so wonderful.  You welcomed me and told each other about me the very next day.  In a matter of a week, I had almost two thousand hits to my blog.  Soon, I got to following you too:  The Meezers, Tuck, Angel and Kirby, Reese, Millie, The Pouponettes, Forever Feline, Dante, Cybercibes, Rain, RusticRanch, The Fur Kids, Daisy Curly Cat, Miss Peach, Purrchance to Dream, JC, Ginger Jasper, Lisa Lisa & the Cat Jam, Cat with a Garden and a host of others (I'm sorry if I didn't mention you personally as I am doing this from memory). I have enjoyed your stories, crazy parties, nap piles, obsession with ham, your wardrobes, toys and bean adventures.  I purred for you, smiled with you and cried with you.  You taught me so much about cats, (and dogs) and blogging.

I love you all.
Thank you for a special year.


Noll by the Door

After two and a half months of searching, My Own has found a job.
Hooray!!  No more rationing of stinky goodness!

P.S., Do hurry back from your training though
because I wants outside.


Luigi on Sunday Morning


Noll Helped Pack Her Overnight Bag

My Own was preparing for a visit
 to her sister's over in Pennsylvania.
I had to get inside her overnight bag to figure out the
bag's dimensions and the proper placement of the clothes.

Calculating her length of stay and the available space,
I determined four pairs of warm socks would do her just fine.

I heard her rummaging in her sock drawer and
watched as she placed her chosen socks next to the bag.

Truth be told,
I think she might be venturing into "Crazy Cat Lady Land."


Noll Pines for Sunnier Days

Noll says:
Only a few short days into October
and I am already missing the sun.

Here is Uncle Keaks soaking up some late summer rays.
As of late, the days have been soggy & cool.
Our sun bathing soon will be limited to
catching rays filtered through the window pane.


Noll's "This Blog Makes Me Happy" Award

Noll received this award from Amy of the House of Cats
Thank you

The rules are to post 5 things that make you happy and to pass on the award to 5 other blogs.
The first 5 to post comments can claim this award :)

Noll's Five Happy Things:
1.)  Freshly picked catnip.
2.)  Birds singing their morning song.
3.)  Watching Chipie the chipmunk gathering his
morning peanuts & seeds from the deck.
4.)  Sleeping under soft blankets.
5.)  Snooping around in the garage.
  Sometimes, I catch a mousie in there!


Noll is IT

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.....
It's Hide & Seek Time
and Noll is IT. 
You had better get hiding
because Noll has already started counting
and he can only count to 10!