Noll on Tuesday's "Home Improvement" Happenings....

Sometimes, cleaning and boredom get together
 and a creative spark is ignited.

My Own was cleaning out the kitchen closet. 
She vacuumed, dusted; sorted through the closet contents
 for something called a "garage sale," patched walls and painted.

Anyway, being easily distracted,
she took a homemade kaleidoscope
that had been in a box of craft items and 
began changing up the beads and buttons. 
She monkeyed around shooting images
through the length of the tube. 
Some 80 photos later, My Own decided she liked how they looked. 

Incidentally, the closet did get painted,
and everything not going into the "garage sale" was put back.
(Yep, the kaleidoscope is a keeper.)

All in all, a tidy & good day's work. 

The closet looks pretty good too.
My leash and collar are neatly hung from a peg.
I was glad to see that furry important "keeper" item
returned to the kitchen closet!
It was sitting rather close to the "garage sale" pile
and I was getting a little nervous ;)