Noll Spies with His Little Eye

"Little Eye"
staring straight
back at him.......


Nolls Finds Luigi Being a Bit Pouty

Come on big guy....smile!


Noll Visits the Library

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings....
Decisions, decisions!


Noll's Olfactory Works Overtime

So I queried her...."Do you smell what I smell?"
"What is that volatile olfaction I sense?
What is that offense!"

She was, of course, totally without answer. Totally clueless.


Noll's "Your Blog is a Dream" Award

I received this award from A Wizard and an Angel.
Thanks for thinking of me!

The award rules are:
give seven beauty tips and pass the award on to seven blogs.

Noll's Beauty Tips:

1.) Take an evening walk around the garden for
good mental and constitutional health.

2.) Keep vocal cords lithe and limber by talking....all....the....time.

3.) "Cardio Wrassling": Do it every day to work those abs and stay flexible.

4.) Roll in the dirt to add a fresh, earthy,
"what IS that smell?" fragrance to your fur.

5.) Nibble on mousie tails and feets; the chewy texture prevents tartar buildup.

6.) Take long naps. Long naps are like visits to a day spa.

7.) Partake of the NIP! Catnip will make you smile and smiles
can make you look beautiful even on a bad fur day :)

I am passing this award on to:

Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam
Lilacs and Cats
Daisy the Curly Cat
Ginger Jasper
Noirs Nook

Noll's Nip in Bloom

I Rejoice!
My catnip is in bloom.
Bees of every sort are busy
visiting each tiny purple-white flower.
Soon there will be seeds!
And seeds mean happy, little yellow goldfinches
riding the seed heads, pecking and disbursing
a seed here, a seed there.
Oh, how my garden grows!


Noll as "Nollieliciousness"

It's OK....go ahead....

<===== Smooch
your screen here ;)

Noll Tickles Tiggy's Funny Bone

Monday Morning
Wish to You:

May you always have someone in your life who can make you laugh.

May you greet every morning with a silly expression that invites laughter.

May you always live, laugh, love.....


Noll's Glow

Behold this little light of mine!

My "Halo" of illumination:

Hovering over my sweet, ever-innocent head.

Tis visual proof that I, Noll,

Be an angel on earth!



OH! My Bad...I was SUPPOSE to write:

My "HALOgen" of illumination.....


Noll Wonders......

Is that Tiggy's shadow?
Or Batman waiting his turn at the milk bowl?


Noll's Nip Receives the "Honest Scrap" Award

This award was given to Noll's Nip by JC of Lilacs & Cats
OK, since this award is about honesty, I divulge two things. First, I have dial up (I live in the country). Twice, I started looking up the blogs I wanted to give this award too only to log off cursing my slow modem. On the third attempt, I realized I wanted to give the award to more than 10 blogs. So, I'm going to give this award to everyone because I truly enjoy every blog I visit.
Now, for the 10 true things about myself, the human hiding behind the catnip curtain:
1.) I play the clarinet.
2.) I was a varsity cheerleader in high school.
3.) The first time I took the test for my driver's license, I flunked it.
4.) I am an avid reader. I am currently reading "Caramelo" by Sandra Cisneros.
5.) If I were allowed only one food for the remainder of my life, cheesecake would be it.
6.) I have an associate degree in journalism and a B.A. in English.
7.) If Tolkien's Shire were a real place, I would live there. For one thing, I am short enough.
8.) My dream is to write a book.
9.) London, England is my favorite place on earth (besides the Shire).
10.) I have a beautiful daughter who is working on her graduate degree.