Noll's Gotcha Day

"My earliest memory is of the crisp earth, fragrant pine
 and a voice that echoed with delight"......Noll

The warm sunshine that slanted
through the low evergreens,
beckoned me to leave
their safe shadows.

My hungry mom afield
in search of food
to nourish her still nursing body;
my ginger brother hunkered
down in the dark dank of a drain.

All I know is,
 at that precise moment,
I was meant to be seen:

Her daughter's chance glance out the window
and my brief walk in the sun,
became a ride through the air!

As My Own scooped me high,
Her face level to mine,
She told me
I was a "Kitten from Heaven."

And I believe it to be true.

On that day I flew!
From cold ground to warm embrace,
as if on angel's wings!