Noll's Handsomeness Takes Us Into the New Year

Happy New Year
Here's to Another Year of Looking Great!


Noll's Napping is Contagious!

Seems imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! 
 Or is that "cattery?"
Anyways, here's is the little old man, tucked under the same blanket I frequent. 
 I caught him right before he succumbed to slumber. 
Happy napping Uncle Keaks =^..^=


Noll's Nap

I spent a lovely length of time out in the sunshine today.  The warm weather was both a surprise and a delight.  My furs lapped up the beams.  I sat beneath my purple plum so long I missed my afternoon nap.  So, I turned in early. I tucked myself under the soft blanket. "Night-night."

P.S.,  My Own loves my carmel-colored ears.  She kissed them as she turned out the lights.   


Noll's Photo Hunt

I captured Penny as she was about to
help herself to some chicken treats.
Doesn't Penny look like
the kitteh on the container?
I captured my cousin, Sephora,
about to let her catself *out-of-the-bag!*
I captured brother, Tiggy
 in a dreamy, lovey-dovey mood.


Noll on Penny's Leap

Stretch little one!  How forlorn your white mittens look reaching for the thistle sock, way up high. 

You are so low to the ground.

But, you are part grasshopper!  

In one upward bound, she managed to bridge the distance between ground and limb, latching onto the thistle sock.  She is a force, that Penelope Pinfeather.  Good thing that goldfinch had fast reflexes!


Noll Blogs 4 Peace

November 4th is Blogblast for Peace Day.  Created by Mimi Lenox, this day is dedicated to thinking about and promoting peace today, tomorrow & always.

Here is our Peace Globe for 2012.  Dona Nobis Pacem everyone!

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Noll the Hunter

As My Own cleaned
our sand boxes and throw rugs, 
...and shampooed the bathroom carpet
 (OK, sometimes we gets turned around and
perch over the sides of our boxes),
I was busy cleaning up under my purple plum.
More and more holes appear,
Tunnels linking patches of herb and flower.
Signs of nibbling.
Smells like mischief.
I know what lurks nearby!
I have the patience to outwit.
When she came to check on me,
I surprised her with my prowess!
She asked me, "Is that the mousie that has
been chewing holes in the finches' thistle sock?"
Not that I asked.
I do not suffer interlopers
tunneling through my violets and catnip.
I just takes care of business.
She scooped me up,
proceeding to lavish me
 with chin skiritches,
and baby names.
Yes, I rock!
And now, I dine
on some flaked skipjack tuna:
My well earned reward.


Noll on the Hot Seat


Noll on Penny's "Snowball"

She recently brushed Uncle Keaks. 
There was quite a bit of furs:
Pure as the driven snow!
So she fashioned it into a furs snowball,
That was as white as Penny's mittens!


Noll on Change

Change is, they say, inevitable. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

When change walks hand in hand with aging, the bad claws at the good.  

In a matter of days, we watched Uncle Keaks wither.  One moment robust.  The next, shrinking in body and spirit.  In the same short span of time, Tiggy started fading like a shadow falling into dusk.

The Nip Patch became a Geriatrics Ward.

Many trips to the vet.  Repeated blood work.  Needles and insulin for Tiggy.  Pink pills crushed and liquefied, syringed into Uncle Keaks.  Medications twice a day.  All in an attempt to stave off what appeared to be the inevitable; to bend change to our will.

We walked along side this new reality for many weeks.  The way of progress painfully slow. The guilt of not truly seeing the bad changes sooner bubbling up.  We asked for your purrs. And you sent them. You have our gratitude.

One day at a time, the healing increased.  Tiggy, lame in the hind legs with a raging blood sugar, began to walk on his toes again.  His muscles grew strong.  Once again, jumping was possible.  Last month, he ran and chased Penelope for the first time!

Tiggy is wrestling again.  Of course, he still loses to Moi.  But in the ring with Penelope, our little sister, he triumphs.

The grand patriarch, Uncles Keaks, is back to plowing through his food. His thyroid is under control. He has gained back two pounds.  In less than a month, the medication will cease.  He plays, purrs, walks in the garden. His yellow eyes glow.  His mancatliness untarnished!

We embrace this good change and hold it, ever so tight. 


Noll's Easter Greetings

Happy Easter from Noll's Nip


Noll's Purrs Request

It appears old age has finally caught up with Uncle Keaks.  Our nineteen year-old patriarch has been lethargic for the past week refusing all manner of stinky goodness.  Only Cat Sip, a little Fancy Feast gravy and a couple syringes of cod liver oil have passed his lips.  Most unlike him.

Squeaker, July 2011

My Own took him to the vet this afternoon.  He is in for observation.  Please send purrs his way.


Noll's Tree for Two

First, I had to share
my "Hello Kitty" plate with Penelope Poo-Poo.

Now I find, I must share
 my purple plum tree with Big Bird.

Will this sharing thing NEVER end?


Noll Finds a Little Nipper in the Nip Patch

Talk about a birthday surprise! 
Look what arrived
on My Own's 54th
day of birth.....

A handful of kitteh!

She landed in my Nip Patch.
With me, unawares...

I will not share.....I do not care,
 if she is cute.
She eyes my chair.
Plays with my toys!
She's too much bounce for us old boys.

Did I mention
She was served stinky goodness
 on my "Hello Kitty" plate?

There she goes again,
putting on her 'lovey' look.
Getting all comfy.
"Chirping" like a bird.
She's a calico with tabby colors.
My Own coos....
"She has touches of burnt sienna,
and streaks of sepia on her cheeks"
(Oh bother!)

She runs like the wind!
There is no surface
she hasn't tried to scale.
Narrow window ledges, rails.
She has sharp teeth
and razor-like nails!
I HAVE felt them on my tail!!!!

Penelope Pinfeather is her given name.
Already, she has nicknames:
Princess P.
Little Miss Henny-Pen.
Sweetie Face.
 Penny Poo-Poo.

Penny Poo-Poo...Now, THAT name fits ;)


Noll Has His Cake...

It's Sunday.

A day of rest.

The sun is shining.

We have homemade chocolate cake
with rainbow sprinkles.

Did I mention we have cake?


Noll on Nipping Etiquette

Apparently, there are conventional rules of social behavior
 where nipping is concerned.

Who? Knew?

Purrsonally, I believe this is all disinformation. 
However, I have been commissioned to write about nipping etiquette;
to enlighten efurryone
and (hopefully) ameliorate my bad manners. 


My Own says Tiggy always displays absolute decorum and disposition
regarding the proper enjoyment of Noll's Nip. 
Here we see Tiggy, gentleman mancat,
poised neatly on the edge of his nip napkin. 
 "The edge." 
Neatly. On.The.Edge! 
No fuss, no muss.
Note, how Tiggy fully enjoys his treat without making a mess of things,
or losing his self control. 

****Nipping Etiquette****
Rule #1:  Keeps your nip napkin neat.
Rule #2:  Keeps your feet under control.
Rule#3:  Keeps to the edges.
Rule#4:  Keeps your nip ON.THE.NAPKIN.

And THIS is what a failure
to abide by the rules of Nipping Etiquette looks like!

Should one forget the four aforementioned rules,
politely & contritely & immediately
exhibit remorse.
THIS is the proper stance to undertake following a
breaching of nipping etiquette:


(Of course, I prefer such an "exhibition" to rules!)


Noll on Charity

Once a year, the closets are turned inside out;
the wardrobe and stacking trays too. 
 It is an interesting time. 
We hears funny comments like,
"The cleaners shrunk my clothes." 

  I especially like to climb into the spaces
 created by this annual, end-of-the-year ritual. 

You can always count on Uncle Keaks
 to do quirky things;
Like a square dance
in a rectangular pine wardrobe.

Three times round, and out he goes!

My Own & her family
might make the donation decisions,
however, my role in this endeavor
 is the most importantest!

I console the gently-loved clothes.  
I snuggle under them, giving comfort.
I rest my Nollie head
upon them one last time. 

Before they are packed up and spirited away
 to a place known as "Goodwill,"I impart a hair or two for remembrance.

Then, I gently pat each one and whisper: 

"There, there, you will find a new home."