Noll's Christmas Wrap-up

Christmas time!
Time for the predictable beans to tie a bow around some
(slow) unsuspecting cat's neck!

A festive, though slightly grinchy-looking Luigi watching from afar.

Tiggy waits for the signal to begin unwrapping.
He smells Temptations!

What's been nipping at Uncle Keak's nose!

Patrick and Tiggy talking about all things ginger.

Corrie, my Christmas rainbow.

Uncle Keaks recovering from all the excitement.

Me & MY Christmas present!
(OK, it's for all of us.
And, as it is Christmas, I will gladly share.)


Yes, these laser eyes are focused on you, Tiggy!


Noll Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Jolly old St. Nicholas, lean your head this way

Noll has a wish or two
And this is what he says.....

May all my friends receive blessings
and peace in their hearts,
and always.

Merry Christmas!


Noll Shines Up His Nose

Just in case Rudolph has other plans,
Noll is all shined up and ready to go.....


Noll's Thankful Thursday

Noll is "Thankful" that Christmas
is just DAYS away!
Christmas, Christmas
Time is near.

Noll can hardly stand the wait....
Nor can he remain "good" much longer.
Hurry Christmas, Hurry FAST!!  ;)



Noll Remembers Tiggy's Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day Tiggy

Tiggy's tale of "Gotcha" is very different from mine.

My Own literally stalked my shy ginger brother.  It took her five days to get close enough to snatch "Tigger" up and reunite him with me, "Noel."

Yes....You read that correctly.  My name was originally "Noel."  But it was a short-lived name.

A couple weeks after we had found our forever home, My Own and her daughter were fussing over us and admiring our now chubby bellies.  They simultaneously realized that, even though "Noel" would forever remind them of their 'sweet little Christmas kitten,' it was no longer appropriate. I was not a girl!  There was some laughter and then the rather odd remark about me "Looking like a Noll."  Whatever that means!

Anyhoo, this is supposed to be about brother Tiggy, so here is his tale.


Noll's Gotcha Day

"My earliest memory is of the crisp earth, fragrant pine
 and a voice that echoed with delight"......Noll

The warm sunshine that slanted
through the low evergreens,
beckoned me to leave
their safe shadows.

My hungry mom afield
in search of food
to nourish her still nursing body;
my ginger brother hunkered
down in the dark dank of a drain.

All I know is,
 at that precise moment,
I was meant to be seen:

Her daughter's chance glance out the window
and my brief walk in the sun,
became a ride through the air!

As My Own scooped me high,
Her face level to mine,
She told me
I was a "Kitten from Heaven."

And I believe it to be true.

On that day I flew!
From cold ground to warm embrace,
as if on angel's wings!


Noll Gets into the Holiday Spirit

Tis many a day before the holiday morn,
but Noll is already in his nip patch
dreaming of a white Christmas,
and a visit from Santa Paws ;)