Noll's Saga of 'Simba' Steiff Goes On.....

Having been confounded by the reticent white UnSteiff cat, 'Simba' Steiff ran to the other side of the room. "Hallo! ginger UnSteiff cat, I'm 'Simba' Steiff. "What are you looking at? What...the...NOMMY...little brown spineless hedgehogs with pouchy cheeks....swabbing seeds off the deck. Can we eat them?"

"Chipmunks....NOT for eating," the ginger UnSteiff cat replied.

"Ooops, my bad!" 'Simba' Steiff replied. "Ahem, HALLO, Ginger! Where's The Professor and Mary Ann! HA HA HA. Why are you staring at me? Oh, you're admiring my button in ear? It's something isn't it!"

"WHAT?" 'Simba' Steiff exclaimed. "My button in ear is missing? It's a CASTAWAY? Please help me find it! Is it up here on the dining room table. Do you see it?"

"Hey, ginger UnSteiff cat, if your butt is dirty and you sit on the wood table, does it become a 'poop deck'?"

"Ugh.. sorry ginger UnSteiff cat, I meant no offense. It's the nip, the excitement. Where are you going? Is my button over there on the kitchen island? Wait for me!"

"Whoa....big island hop! What do you see? Any sign of my button?" 'Simba' Steiff asked sadly.

"No. Nothing. No button," The ginger UnSteiff cat answered. "But I think I see an uneaten Temptation by the sink....Chow....Good luck, little buddy."

Noll Receives "A Life is Grand" Award

I received this award from JC of Lilacs and Cats. Thank you! :)
JC's blog is filled with the love she has for her cats and dogs, her natural surroundings, her family, lilacs and the ocean. It is a sweet, honest and thoughtful place. Please stop by to say hello.
This is how it works :
1. Give five reasons why you think life is Grand.
2. Pass the award on to five more blogs that you think are Grand.
Here are the five reasons I think life is grand:
Life is grand because:
1.) The natural world surrounds me and brings peace to my home.
2.) My support group - Tiggy, Squeaker, Luigi. You guys ROCK!
3.) Special places, funny faces on the cat blogosphere.
4.) My nip patch....it spreads and spreads and spreads....
5.) No matter our shortcomings, Tiggy, Squeaker, Luigi, & I are cherished members of our family.
I am passing this award on to:
1.) Cat with a Garden
2.) Ginger Jasper
3.) The Monkeys
4.) Sweet Praline
5.) US 4 Gatos