Noll's Burden

Happy Monday.

What a burden it is to be so handsome,
so mancatly.

But, I am determined to carry this heavy burden
so long as it is mine to bear!



Noll on Tiggy's Love Offering

It is said, a cat will bring love offerings to the one he loves.
Some cats eat most of their catch and leave a tail,
or a foot or a feather as token. 

Some, like our Tiggy, hurry and forget to deal the final blow
before presenting the love offering to the one he loves.

Tonight, Tiggy caught a vole. 

He brought it to her.
More precisely, he RAN it over to her - complete and unexpired.  

It was no surprise then that Tiggy's love offering was declined!


Noll's Likeness in the Garden

My Own spent time deconstructing a garden this morning.  (Although, what she calls "weeding," 
I call getting rid of perfectly tasty long grasses.) 

I watched her from my place by the garden gate.
  She in turn, watched me, from time to time, as she worked in the lily bed. 

When it was time for lunch, My Own gathered me up.
  She told me I was an inspiration, a poetic presence.
Her pudding pie!
(Because my ears are the color of butterscotch.)

I slept the afternoon away while she mixed colors with water and created my likeness from memory. 

Tiggy says she captured my "best side!" 

Noll in his Garden
June 12, 2011


Noll's Wordless Wednesday


Noll Harvests Some Nip

My nip stash was getting drastically low,
so I implored My Own 
to enter into the nip patch with me.

This way!  This way! 
 Come on, come in!!!

"Fill the arms of the green chair
with my fresh, aromatic nip." 

I will stand guard
as my nip dries in the June sunshine.
I will thwart all maraudering catnip bandits!
I will....Zzzzzzzzz.