Noll the Hunter

As My Own cleaned
our sand boxes and throw rugs, 
...and shampooed the bathroom carpet
 (OK, sometimes we gets turned around and
perch over the sides of our boxes),
I was busy cleaning up under my purple plum.
More and more holes appear,
Tunnels linking patches of herb and flower.
Signs of nibbling.
Smells like mischief.
I know what lurks nearby!
I have the patience to outwit.
When she came to check on me,
I surprised her with my prowess!
She asked me, "Is that the mousie that has
been chewing holes in the finches' thistle sock?"
Not that I asked.
I do not suffer interlopers
tunneling through my violets and catnip.
I just takes care of business.
She scooped me up,
proceeding to lavish me
 with chin skiritches,
and baby names.
Yes, I rock!
And now, I dine
on some flaked skipjack tuna:
My well earned reward.


Noll on the Hot Seat