Noll's Christmas Recap ......

I saw old Saint Nick.
He was gone in a wink,
leaving toys in our stockings.
I thought: Think, Think, Think!

And in that very moment,
the jolly old elf
gave me the answer
I'd thought to myself.
(Really!  It's as if Santa can read your mind!!)
(I swear that's what he ordered MOI to do!)


With my booty secure,
and catnip intact,
I can now settle down
for a long winter's nap!


Thanks, Santa!!!



Noll's "Night Before Christmas"

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse.
(That's because we are such excellent mousers!!!!)


The stockings were hung
By the kibble with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas,
Soon would be there.
(However, the probability of such a visit is
highly unlikely considering our recent naughty behavior!)

.....to be continued

Merry Christmas to all!


Noll Sends Happy Gotcha Day Greetings to Tiggy

Of course, I WAS gotted before my brother Tiggy (who proved a difficult kitten to catch).  You might say I paved the way for the phenomenon that was to become known as "The Babies."  Yes, to this day, even though we are senior felines, we are still collectively known as "The Babies" and collectively called - to breakfast or dinner or when we get out of hand- Babies!  With an emphasis on the ! mark ;)

Happy Gotcha Day to my Partner in Crime. 

Have some of my fresh nip.
(Just don't hog it all!!!!!)


Noll on the Common Place

"I would rather have a thousand little moments, a thousand little moments harboring some small delight, than one enormous moment to mark my life".....Noll

Behold! Some of life's little moments: fleeting, common place.  They exist all around us, waiting to be embraced.

A flying Tiggy! 
 Upward, he lauched like a spring. 
Ginger cat on invisible wings!!!

the perfect pausing spot
to sneak a peak
is the one you pass by every day.

Whenever the afternoon sun
shines on me,
it is as if it shines on me
 for the very first time!

No matter the season,
invite visions of sugar plums
 into your dreams
each and every day :)



Noll's Gotcha Day Remembered!

Happy Remembrance!
Today is the day I was gotted.

Today is a day dedicated to chance:
Happy chance.

Today, I look out on the wild world
a world where I was once a traveler forlorn.

Forlorn no more!

My heart rejoices
in being found
by the one I call My Own.

And it rejoices in the friends I have found
in this blogging world;
where hearts are big and full of love.