Noll on Tiggy's Tenacity

After numerous attempts,
Tiggy hits paydirt
and the coveted
leopard print bed box is his!

Priceless  =^..^=


Noll Takes a Powder

All of these "Cat-O-Lympic"
events made me, the great
and powerful Noll,
 work up a mancatly sweat!

I concatulate the winners.
And now, speaking in
the venacular of the peasantry,
must 'take a powder.'

I shall talk to the press afterwards.

"Clip, clip here,
Clip, clip there,
I give the roughest claws.
That certain air of savoir faire,
In the Merry Old Land of....

"Well bust my buttons!"

Pay NO attention to that cat
behind the curtain sportsfans......"


"Ah shucks fellas I'm speechless!"

(These locker room interviews always
make me blush as red
as a ruby slipper.)


Noll's Squirrel (OK it's a Chipmunk) & Bird Watching Event Entry

Thanks to the Furry Bambinos (http://thefurrybambinos.com/) for hosting the Cat-O-Lympics "Squirrel and Bird Watching Event."  Some of you might recall my cute friend, Chipie.  I love to watch Chipie stuff his cheeks!  Chipmunk watching requires self-restraint and superb concentration.  See for yourself!


Noll's Cat-O-Lympics Event: =^..^= NAPPING

This is my official entry into
the Cat Napping Event:

And these photos show how I rigorously
trained for the Cat-O-lympics.
I am not just a weekend athlete!

Noll's Nosiness

After his high-flying,
mancatly adventure with Andy,
Luigi decompressed
with a little "Bearla Time."

Weee...Look at my happy feet!

So much for "decompressing."


Noll's Tailsie-Toesie Tuesday with a Side Order of Stripes ;)

Noll has to restrain his
"It's got a mind of its own" tail.


Noll is Jealous!

MamaBug organized more great fun for the HBL Dudes.
Thanks MamaBug...you ROCK!!!

Luigi and Andy are tearing
up the stratosphere. 


Be Noll's Valentine

 to be his 


Noll's Maine Friends

A few captured moments
from a summer
on Lake Sabattus, Maine:

A tabby kitten plays with a stick and a flipflop.

Mutt-Mutt watches the neighbor's dog.

A gray kitten relaxes on a blue canvas chair down on the dock.


Noll Crushes on Some Heifers

Call me crazy, but
I just think these two heifers
are the cat's meow.

Don't they look like they
are waiting for a couple of head butts
and chin skritches?


The Half-Butterfly Lip Dudes Ride Again!

Luigi  has been having the time of his life
 hanging with his new friend, Andy!

Read all about it @


Noll Teases Uncle Keaks

Ah, smell that catnip mouse Uncle Keaks.....

It's just out of your reach.


Noll on Her Purrthday

*On February 3rd*

Happy Purrthday
to My Own.

She's on a diet!
So instead of cherry chip cake with sprinkles,

She's getting sweet little old me;
with catnip sprinkles!