Noll Recognizes the Big Guy

Luigi has noticed that he's not getting
 his due on my blog.
(doh, that's because it's "MY" blog!)
And seeing that he can whomp
the puss 'n' boots out of me,
I gladly pronounce on January 15th,
Noll's Nip will hereby be known as
"Luigi's (half-butterfly) Lip!" 

Noll's New Motto

"I can't wait until tomorrow
 because I get
better looking every day!"

With special thanks to A Few Good Cats
for this excellent motto!

Noll Gives the Answer

Thanks to all for playing along.
Eric and Flynn, your answer made me smile.
Mr. Hendrix, you are correct. 
Auntie Darlene, you are also correct.
The correct answer:  Noll's tail is #1 & Tiggy's is #2.