Noll Reflects on a Milestone Passed with Random Thoughts

My 250th post milestone.....
If the milestone were a snake,
 it would have bit Moi!

And here am I....
kind of looking like a snake in the grass...
ready to pounce on....a marigold?

I passed the 250th post milestone.
Without notice. 
 Without fanfare. 
Perhaps it was the heat
 that addled my brain.
Or maybe too much nip ;)

But, here it is post #253!
A little bit of this & a little bit of that...

My handsome brother Tiggy,
out for an evening constitutional,
a nibble of grass & maybe a plump vole.

A Common Buckeye butterfly
(yep, that's the name of this butterfly
...Common Buckeye)
sipping nectar from a sedum.
Such a pretty little thing....hardly common!
But fun to chase,
though absolutely elusive....

And here is a BIG woofie named Victor.
He is an English Mastiff & a
member of the extended Hillman family.
This gentle giant weighs in at 180 lbs.
Talk about eating you out of house & home....BOL!
Glad I don't have to share my
kibble bowl with those jaws ;)

 A tunnel spider web woven into the yew
has nothing but the morning dew
 caught in it.
That spider could use a few
hunting lessons from Tiggy & Moi!

And finally, I leave you with some goldenrod
nestled in with the white pine. 
We are heading into Autumn. 
 I love the golds & reds of the season.
The days are warm & the
scents of the season
soothe the senses.
(say that 10 times fast...MOL!)