Noll on His (Human) Pet Peeves !!

Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit....
I gots to thinking.

Humans are always complaining about this,
that and the other.

This bothers them, that makes them go loopy and
something else just bugs the
jumping jeepers out of them.

WELL, I have a few of my own human pet peeves!
Here's a sampling:

Noll's #1 human pet peeve: 
I prefer a reliable, clockwork presentation of stinky goodness every morning!
Go back to bed if you must, just DON'T SLEEP IN.

Noll's #2 human pet peeve:
Unexpected, grating noises.
When you get out that box of foil wrap 
and tear off a sheet.
Holy cow that noise goes right through me!

Noll's #3 pet peeve:
Closed doors.
WHAT ever are you hiding at all hours
of the day and night?
Keep the doors open woman,
so I might see
and come and go as I please.
I've got this curiosity thing to satisfy!

And, you dear furfriends,
do you have any human pet peeves?