Noll's View on Insects

In my opinion, insects serve one immediate purpose: to succumb to my will. Insects exist solely for my amusement, sport and sometimes a light snack.

This is not to say I don't comprehend how others view Insecta; logically, scientifically, fancifully or otherwise. This is merely to point out the folly in projecting any meaning beyond their purpose. Put them into verse? Are you kidding? Put them in my mouth - absolutely!

Consequently, when My Own ventures into the realm of arthropodic whimsy, there, I must leave her.

Images of Insects

I. “Webbings”
Duskly spun
Silk spider looms
Harp air-whisper sirens.

Luring into net-laced doom
Four wings
To grant survival.

II. “Consider”
A caterpillar
is a winged ballerina
in disguise.

III. “The Gift”
has given the humble bee
the gilding gift
of a king:

with each soft touch –
fruit ripens,

with every stealing kiss –
nectar flows.
Kareen 1/2009