Noll's Christmas Recap ......

I saw old Saint Nick.
He was gone in a wink,
leaving toys in our stockings.
I thought: Think, Think, Think!

And in that very moment,
the jolly old elf
gave me the answer
I'd thought to myself.
(Really!  It's as if Santa can read your mind!!)
(I swear that's what he ordered MOI to do!)


With my booty secure,
and catnip intact,
I can now settle down
for a long winter's nap!


Thanks, Santa!!!



Noll's "Night Before Christmas"

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse.
(That's because we are such excellent mousers!!!!)


The stockings were hung
By the kibble with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas,
Soon would be there.
(However, the probability of such a visit is
highly unlikely considering our recent naughty behavior!)

.....to be continued

Merry Christmas to all!


Noll Sends Happy Gotcha Day Greetings to Tiggy

Of course, I WAS gotted before my brother Tiggy (who proved a difficult kitten to catch).  You might say I paved the way for the phenomenon that was to become known as "The Babies."  Yes, to this day, even though we are senior felines, we are still collectively known as "The Babies" and collectively called - to breakfast or dinner or when we get out of hand- Babies!  With an emphasis on the ! mark ;)

Happy Gotcha Day to my Partner in Crime. 

Have some of my fresh nip.
(Just don't hog it all!!!!!)


Noll on the Common Place

"I would rather have a thousand little moments, a thousand little moments harboring some small delight, than one enormous moment to mark my life".....Noll

Behold! Some of life's little moments: fleeting, common place.  They exist all around us, waiting to be embraced.

A flying Tiggy! 
 Upward, he lauched like a spring. 
Ginger cat on invisible wings!!!

the perfect pausing spot
to sneak a peak
is the one you pass by every day.

Whenever the afternoon sun
shines on me,
it is as if it shines on me
 for the very first time!

No matter the season,
invite visions of sugar plums
 into your dreams
each and every day :)



Noll's Gotcha Day Remembered!

Happy Remembrance!
Today is the day I was gotted.

Today is a day dedicated to chance:
Happy chance.

Today, I look out on the wild world
a world where I was once a traveler forlorn.

Forlorn no more!

My heart rejoices
in being found
by the one I call My Own.

And it rejoices in the friends I have found
in this blogging world;
where hearts are big and full of love.



Noll Performs "La danse"

Act I

The coy tail
peeks out from the silky drapes.
Gently sweeping,
swaying, searching,
"Must I forever dance alone?" 

Act II

"What happy chance!"
exclaims the tail.
"Come hither, sweetest-little-paw.
For I am loney and needs claim you
as my dancing partner."


"Alas, and tally ho!"
laments the tail,
"Like snow melting in the warming sun,
my sweetest-little-paw did run!
Vanished into thin air!"

"Alone again,"
Intoned the tail
"Or maybe not!!
For I FEEL a MOST curious stare."

The End



Noll's Unexpected Thing

Twas the day after Thanksgiving,
 and what should appear
before my wondering eyes
and attentive ears?

A cascade of green leaves
shaped like hearts!

I sniffed & I nibbled.
My nose turned bright pink.
Fresh catnip is best
when it comes unexpected!
That's what I think!



Noll Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

To all our friends,
Near and far....

Happy Thanksgiving &
May God Bless You.


Noll Kind of Quotes Shakespeare...

Perchance to dream.
to find that perfect shrub
upon which
to lavish my attention.

There's the rub.


Noll Rids the World of Danger Once Again!

A furry-striped snake
undulated under the plate.
I touched it once
to determine its ferocity!

I watched that cunning snake;
And knew
it would create havoc
if left uncontained!

So with precision,
I captured
a most dangerous prey!

All danger is passed...
Enjoy your weekend.


Noll in the Command Chair

Oh what a rare photo!
Moi sitting on the quartermaster's computer chair....

See that striped blanket?
That was the blanket used by the original Simba
(We are talking over 30 years ago!)
Simba used to sit on it.
Now, My Own sits on it.

She calls it "continuity."

I calls it "scratchy!"


Noll's Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the little things
rustling in the lily leaves.

I'm thankful for the flutterflies
that light upon the nip.

I'm thankful for our VETERANS
who serve on land, and air and ship.


Noll's Marcal Photo Contest Entry

Hello furfriends.....My Own has entered a photo contest.  First prize is a new camera.  She would REALLY like to have a new camera ;)  Hers is almost 6 years old....Here's the link to vote and the photo.  Thanks!



Noll Watches Tiggy Shake Off the Sleepies

Golden slumber seal your eyes....

Smile, sweet Tiggy. 
Make a smile :)

Whiskers reach the sky.

Sleepy head.
Can't seem to rise.

One more YAWN.
And make it W-I-D-E!

Morning sunshine.
Sweet green eyes :)


Noll's November Photo Shoot

I'm ready for my closeup

Not going to smile......

Still not smiling

Still Life!!!


Nolls Says: "Dona Nobis Pacem"

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

The peace I hold in my heart,
I share with you today
and always.....



Noll Beholds the Power of Mancat!

"In the land of Mordor,
In the shadow of Mount Doom!"
(Oh wait....wrong story line...)

"In the Land of Mancat,
In the shadow of Mount Zoom!"

The White Lord,'
has but to reach out his paw
to make the lady cats swoon!!"

(PSSSST! NOT YOU Squeak! -
 The lady cats are supposed to swoon.)

"And into his mancatliness
The White Lord poured out his will
to dominate all others!

For felines are so easily seduced....
(WAIT, that's not right.....)

"For felines are so easily seduced
by power!!!

The Power of Mancat!!!

There is none who can contend with it


Noll's Smilebox

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Noll's Trolls

This dreary morning,
much to my chagrin,
I founded my nip patch
had founded been 
by a trio of trolls
on their way to Halloween!

nibbling on the catnip MINE!

Big glassy-eyed they were
with grins from ear to ear.
I bended down my little head
to hear what I might hear:

Said the green one to
his travelers two:
"Tis comfy here,
I likes the smell
the taste is mighty fine.
Let's rest a spell,
takes all we wants
amidst this herb divine."

Said Pumpkin to
his travelers two,
"What's yours is yours,
is MINE!"

To which Witch replied
with a wave of her broom,
"No room. No room.

With their greed apparent,
and my nip at stake
I sprung into action
I launched MY debate!

I pounced on the lot
Giving each a good swat

(Happy Halloween 
from Noll 
who trolls for Trolls 
wherever he strolls.)


Noll's Random Acts of Color

In October,
the sky is
an abstract canvas
of color and cloud.

Among the white asters,
golden butterflies
dance a beguine.

And every tree
turns over
a new leaf.


Noll Shows off Lugi's Hat

Mama Bug did it again! 
More fun over at Sammy & Andy's Place. 
 Luigi got "hatted!"

Luigi thinks you picked out the
purrfect hat for him :)

I love my topper!