Noll Joins the Club

Sammy's & Andy's MamaBug created a new klub for senior cats - the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub.  Cats 8 years & older, can join by sending in their name & photo.  Look for MamaBug's email address @ http://samandy007.blogspot.com/ 
Here are our KOOL badges....thank you MamaBug!  We loves them!!!:

Luigi is also a member of
the Cow Kitty Club and
The Half Butterfly Lip Dudes

Oh, I'm rather handsome here!
I'm also a member of the Naughty Kitty Club.
If you are naughty, you can join too
@ http://thenaughtykittyclub.blogspot.com/

Tiggy chose this photo for his badge
because he is smiling.
This is Tiggy's (his given name is Tigger btw) first klub.
Tiggy is just plain silly. 

Uncle Keaks is the oldest at 17
He's also seriously mancatly =^..^=
and seriously thrilled to be in his first klub!