Noll Concludes the 'Simba' Steiff Tale

Appearing for his second breakfast, Noll found, instead of his blue bowl, a distraught 'Simba' Steiff on the kitchen island. With absolute empathy, Noll listened as the "Simba' Steiff retold his sad story. When 'Simba' Steiff finished, Noll explained to him the unintentional snipping mistake My Own had made over 30 years ago.

"Oh Half-Siamese like me UnSteiff cat, what can I do? I have no button in ear. I have no value. I am nothing without my identity tag! A sad cloud fell over the room.

Suddenly, 'Simba' Steiff's face brightened.

"We have the same points, same blue eyes - except for that funny crossing thing going on with you. Did you make a face and it got stuck? No matter....I will be your mini-me AND your shadow!"

Of course even with Noll, empathy has its limits. Briefly, a slightly panicked Noll lost his perfect posture and composure at the suggestion of sharing his space, fame and spotlight...."Uh," Noll stammered...
And necessity being the mother of invention. Noll ran to the hutch and gathered up the tiny Steiffs - monkey, bear, porcupine - huddled in the corner.
As luck would have it, there was one UNSNIPPED Steiff in the bunch. Jocko! Noll whispered in his ear and carried Jocko over to 'Simba' Steiff.
"SHARING IS CARING!" Noll cried out. "Jocko do your thing!"
And with that matter settled, 'Simba' Steiff happily returned to the hutch.
Of course, now 'Simba' Steiff has a monkey on his back....but that's another story ;)