Noll's "Your Blog is a Dream" Award

I received this award from A Wizard and an Angel.
Thanks for thinking of me!

The award rules are:
give seven beauty tips and pass the award on to seven blogs.

Noll's Beauty Tips:

1.) Take an evening walk around the garden for
good mental and constitutional health.

2.) Keep vocal cords lithe and limber by talking....all....the....time.

3.) "Cardio Wrassling": Do it every day to work those abs and stay flexible.

4.) Roll in the dirt to add a fresh, earthy,
"what IS that smell?" fragrance to your fur.

5.) Nibble on mousie tails and feets; the chewy texture prevents tartar buildup.

6.) Take long naps. Long naps are like visits to a day spa.

7.) Partake of the NIP! Catnip will make you smile and smiles
can make you look beautiful even on a bad fur day :)

I am passing this award on to:

Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam
Lilacs and Cats
Daisy the Curly Cat
Ginger Jasper
Noirs Nook

Noll's Nip in Bloom

I Rejoice!
My catnip is in bloom.
Bees of every sort are busy
visiting each tiny purple-white flower.
Soon there will be seeds!
And seeds mean happy, little yellow goldfinches
riding the seed heads, pecking and disbursing
a seed here, a seed there.
Oh, how my garden grows!