Noll Shares His Talents with Tiggy

Tiggy performing Act I of "A Prelude to a Smooch"

All who encounter me, 'Noll the Magnificent,' know me to be a performance artist. Moi, tres artist!

Oui, I am the master of emotion, facial expressions, and body language. And, I am gracious. Gracious enough to share my enormous talents with brother Tiggy. Tiggy is, for the most part, an astute understudy.
This evening, as daylight diminished, Tiggy and I practiced the soft look. The soft look is, essentially, speaking Love through the eyes. As you know, cat eyes are a universe unto themselves. All who gaze into our glistening orbs of energy and light are captivated by their everyday power. But, the soft look - now that gets you....ANYTHING....YOU....WANT.

Soft looks also garner lots of smooches.

Noll's Award from "A Wizard & an Angel"

I hope I am doing this correctly.

I received a "Kreativ Blogger Award" from those two cute tuxedo cats, Kirby and Angel. Their blog is "A Wizard and an Angel." I am to list the 6 things that make me happy and six blogs I want to receive this award. Here goes:

My Six Happy Things:
1.) My Nip Patch
2.) Being invited to the CATBLOGOSPHERE ;)
3.) Grandma's comfy chair (especially if she's in it)
4.) My times in the garden
5.) Wrestling with Tiggy before breakfast
6.) Sleeping in the sunshine

Six Blogs I want to receive this award:
1.) Ruda's Rustic Ranch
2.) Lilacs and Cats
3.) Cybersibes - Star & Jack
4.) Meezer Tails (I love dancing with ya Billy Sweet Feets!)
5.) Mr. Tuck's Neighborhood
6.) The Kitty Gazette