Noll Springs Eternal

Like Hope, Noll Springs Eternal =^..^=

Inside, the geraniums overwintering in the kitchen
are awash in color: pink, salmon, white & red.

Outside, the snow has melted.
New grass is growing, 
Birds break out into song,
As purple & yellow crocuses wave in the wind,
Beckoning me to to join them.


O'Nollie on St. Paddy's Day

A yonder is O'Nollie

They be wee & magical creatures,
those little leprechauns.
I woke early to a rainbow
and a stranger in my lawn.

Blink your eye,
and he'll be gone
ere he never happened there!

Yet the luck he dropped
in that tiny spot
is golden & greenly Eire.

Happy St. Paddy's Day


Noll & "The Easy Gang"

Cue Lionel Richie........
Cuz, we're easy,
And we don't do Daylight Savings Time!!

Ok, well, Uncle Keaks is a
little more upright than easy...but

Luigi is spot(s) on easy!

And Tiggy, is easy prone!

......and Moi??????

I'm more deflated than easy,
 but oh-my-cuteness!


Noll Wonders......

Did My Own spend this much time pouring
over a name for me????


My Name is Noll. Nip's How I Roll

I be
one fit & fabulous feline. 

No wastline
creep for me!

I watch what I eat
to stay light on my feet

HAIL! Nepeta cataria
my daily hysteria!

You smell like a skunk,
you make me punch-drunk.

A nibble a day,
keeps the vet away!

a catnip life's for me!