Where's Noll?

I Noll, am master of stealth and camouflage.
I am invisible to chipmunk and bird!


Noll on Nature

I once saw a cone flower,
stately and prim.
She wore a butterfly barrette
on her frilly, purple brim.


Noll on Tiggy's Strange Affliction

While My Own was in Maine visiting her brother, my poor brother Tiggy had a mysterious affliction.  His listlessness started the day before she left.  Thinking it might be urine crystals, for which he had an operation several years ago that culminated in the removal of his male plumbing, she put the vet's name on the whiteboard.

For most of the week, he drank and ate very little.  He moped and slept.  Not moving much.  Midweek, Grandma administered eye droppers of cod liver oil with vitamins. It helped some; but on the day she was to return, he was, by all appearances, drifting away.  Then, her flight was canceled. 

A day is 24 hours. But sometimes, a day's length can stretch and grow beyond its set hours.  When hurrying home is desired but simply unattainable only prayers can reach the destination before the self. 

Prayers.  Prayers by the lake. Prayers in the airport. Prayers said at 35,000 feet....

And, finally home. Luggage dropped at the door. 

The magical way she calls our names. His name.  The orange M on Tiggy's forehead appeared to smile.  

Tiggy lost a couple of pounds.  His backfat is gone.  His jumps are a little short of the mark.  But whatever the affliction, it left shortly upon her return.

He is a "Momma's Boy" afterall.


Noll's Canine Cousin

Sometimes, a dog IS as cute as a cat ;)


Noll Explains His Absence

Luigi's eyes solarized

Dear furry friends and not-so-furry friends,

I am nearly recovered from my Internet withdrawal!

My major domo, i.e., human, lost her job of 17 years AND her free Internet. She's been visiting the local library for WiFi access; a cumbersome process but a most welcomed service. Thankfully, I was able to blog a little and visit some of your blogs too.

But, then, there followed the visit to her brother in Maine....where no computers abide! And the Internet well dried up!

She is now returned. Reconnected to my beloved Internet.

I will be back in full force very soon!

All my best.....Noll


Noll on Mind Melding

I travel through your mind,
your memory...

Our eyes are a conduit,
a connection -

That allows me to control
your every move.

In any place or time,
my eyes fix
on yours.


Noll's Thankful Thursday

Sing along with Noll.....
"Bringing in the sheaves,
Bringing in the sheaves!"
Noll has been rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves!