Noll's Country Cousins

Cousin Gizzie is the newest member of the family.  He's a ball of fire.  He is named after the first Cousin Gizmo.  See http://nollsnip.blogspot.com/2009/04/noll-remembers-gizmo.html for the story of the elder Gizmo.  Young Gizzie was adopted from the local Humane Society a few months ago.
 He is quite the little stinker :)

Cousin Simba is quiet elegance;
handsome, yet shy around everyone but his family - for at least the first few hours of your visit.  Then, Simba ventures out for attention.  My Own loves to photograph him because he's a Meezer (Meezers are strikingly beautiful & he has these amazing blue eyes like me!)

Oh the huskies....
They are a bundle of energy and love.
 Zero is the black puppers dog and Java is the coffee colored one - he is loaded with extra sugar ;)
 Here, they are sitting, waiting for a treat. 
If ever you feel down and need a nose kiss or an exuberant welcome, this pair will gladly oblige!