Noll Presents Penny's "Stinky" Poem

Thoughts on a Stink Bug Duly Met!
A Poem of Renown
by Penelope Pinfeather
Stinky stink bug on the wall,
Come down closer,
Closer crawl.
A little closer.
Lower is all
I ask of you,
to lower crawl.
Below I sits
with open paws
Green eyes flickering,
flexing claws.
Stinky stink bug on the wall
Cats divine Patience over all!
We may not meet this very night,
Yet this I know is true:
I know of "You!"
So bide your time,
Stinky stink.
Live awhile on high.
 For soon,
soon will follow
from your safe corner hollow,
your downward journey nigh.
To meet Patience
wrapped in fur;
And a most purrfect
and excellent end!
The End
(of my poem & my muse formerly known as stinky stink)


Noll's Christmas Wishes

We wish you a "Merry Christmas!"
We wish you Health, Happiness and Love.
May your stocking be overflowing
with Kindness & Comfort
May the Star - with a tail as long as a kite -
 guide you to all things good in the New Year.
Blessings to all from the Nip Patch.
And many thanks for your purrs for our little old man, Uncle Keaks.
He is feeling much better =^..^=


Noll Blogs for Peace

It's that time of year again.
Time to blog for PEACE.
Let this be the time that PEACE
Enters every corner of the earth.


Noll's Nip in the Air!

According to the calendar, Autumn, has yet to arrive.
Let Moi just say,
Fall is definitely here!
Time for some morning blanket snuggling. 
Someone bring me breakie in bed!!!


Noll Finds a Penny!

I found a "Penny" tonight.
She was facing heads up.
So I tickled her tummy,
And picked her up.
Just like found treasure she was!
Too big for my pocket,
Impossible to spend.
So I kissed her 
and laid her back down.
She is a "Penny" for my thoughts:
I think I'll keep her!


Noll's Mancat-o-pause


Well, "Bust my buttons!" as I turn the corner into middle age, I have discovered some of my whiskers have changed color.  I have dark amongst the white!

And, in my furs, I have notice some wild, darker hairs sprouting here and there.  Especially on my stripey legs!

Bizarre!  Are my hormones in flux? 

Am I in "Mancat-o-pause?"

Any of my other mancat friends wake up to find strange things going on with their facial hair and/or furs?



How's this for a pin up?
It's OK.
You can gaze "lovingly" into
my eyes for hours.
I won't blink ;)


Noll's Ode to Spring

Ah, Spring!
The air is sweet.
(Just like me.)
The birds they tweet.
(I "tweet" with my Twitter account)
The grass is green
A nipping I've been!
Time to take it all in


Noll's Rainy Day

The falling rain outside my window
taps a rhythm that matches each breath.
Such a slumbering day,
for cocooning.


Noll's Dirt

After a long, snowy winter,
Nothing quite compares
to a good roll in the dirt
recently rinsed
in April rain!
Unless, of course,
it's a good roll in the Nip!
That's a good thing no matter the season.
Roll Baby Roll!


Noll's Nip Nursery

My evening constitutional was brightened by the discovery of nip babies growing in heretofore uncharted soil!

The first wee delight was growing out of an old stump.  (My Own gardens as organically as possible!)  This old maple stump is used as a base for a flower pot. 
Lo and behold, a little seed must have been dropped, complete with avian fertilizer, in the most advantageous of spots.  Impeccable aim, Mr. Goldfinch!

Next, I found another wayfaring baby keeping the pink primrose company.  I am happy this little one is growing by my favorite snooping corner. 
The taxis bush holds such wonderful alien smells. 
It is here, I put on my Flehmen Response face =^..^=
One more reason to open my mouth and inhale deeply! 



Noll's Glimpse of Spring

The sun is shining.  It warms my fur.
Today, Spring is with us.

Besides Rascal's grave, the crocuses are blooming.  Bright colors amidst gray stone and brown earth.
Sunday, Winter returns. 


Noll Says "Until We Meet Again."

Eric's and Flynn's blog http://twodevoncats.blogspot.com/ was one of the first that we followed.  I loved to hear about their outdoor adventures
 over there is beautiful Devon, England.
Today, we learned that Eric has ventured past those verdant fields to Rainbow Bridge.  I am sure the Rainbow there just got a little brighter. Although, here, the world is dimmer.  Run free, orange and cream love. 
I hope when it is my time, you will be the first one to greet me.

graphic by Ann of Zoolarty


Noll Plays Hide & Seek

Hide me.
Seek Me.
Find and Keep me!
Peek-a-Boo Nollie,
knows how to play.
This purrfect game
on a cold winter's day.


Noll Celebrates Penny's Gotcha Day

One year ago today, us old boys were gifted with a wee little princess. 

She has taken over our kingdom.  Our domain.  Our mancave. 

Ladies first! 

She is first to the morning & evening stinky goodness.  Not by decree, but by sheer wiggling & jostling for position.  She excels at it!

The pink bed box is hers anytime she would desire it.  Not by decree, but by bugging the poor sod who might be nodding off within its soft, comfy surround.

Our cat tree.  Did I say "Our?"  Sorry, I misspoke. 

My catnip.  My premium "Noll's Nip!"  She has been introduced to the finest nip this side of the Mississip!  And she LIKES it!  When the nip napkins go down on the floor, she flits from napkin to napkin like a honeybee before settling on one. After you, your royal highness!

Oh, but she is cute. When she meows, she goes "Meh-meh" in the tiniest of voices.  Her calicoeness & tabbyness are sublime.  Pretty little kitteh.  She plays hide & seek with us.  She wrestles us like a flea on an elephant's....well.  She is tiny & we are big boys. She plays incessantly. There is every  manner of toy - laser, feather, mousie, ball - for her amusement!  And, she is often amused :) What a mouser she is.  In her first year of life, she has exceeded my thirteen years of mousing!  Everyday, we watch the birdies, the chipmunks and the red squirrels together. She attends Tiggy's twice daily insulin shots.  Nurse Penny!  Not because she "helps" or holds Tiggy's paw, but because she favors the chicken treats Tiggy receives. (She has them trained to give her Tiggy treats as well!) She follows My Own from room to room like a puppers-dog. Kissy. Kissy. Mommy's Penny-Poo-Poo. She walks on a leash just like Moi! 
Happy Gotcha Day Penelope Pinfeather.

We are glad you are here =^..^= (most of the time!)