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Noll's Trolls

This dreary morning,
much to my chagrin,
I founded my nip patch
had founded been 
by a trio of trolls
on their way to Halloween!

nibbling on the catnip MINE!

Big glassy-eyed they were
with grins from ear to ear.
I bended down my little head
to hear what I might hear:

Said the green one to
his travelers two:
"Tis comfy here,
I likes the smell
the taste is mighty fine.
Let's rest a spell,
takes all we wants
amidst this herb divine."

Said Pumpkin to
his travelers two,
"What's yours is yours,
is MINE!"

To which Witch replied
with a wave of her broom,
"No room. No room.

With their greed apparent,
and my nip at stake
I sprung into action
I launched MY debate!

I pounced on the lot
Giving each a good swat

(Happy Halloween 
from Noll 
who trolls for Trolls 
wherever he strolls.)


Noll's Random Acts of Color

In October,
the sky is
an abstract canvas
of color and cloud.

Among the white asters,
golden butterflies
dance a beguine.

And every tree
turns over
a new leaf.


Noll Shows off Lugi's Hat

Mama Bug did it again! 
More fun over at Sammy & Andy's Place. 
 Luigi got "hatted!"

Luigi thinks you picked out the
purrfect hat for him :)

I love my topper!


Noll's Fantasy Halloween Contest Entry

Here's my entry into Hansel's Halloween Contest. 
You can check it out and the other spooky & funny entries
by clicking on the link below:

Noll is trapped inside a crystal ball.
And he isn't alone....

Thanks to Hansel for sponsoring this fun contest!


Noll's Breakfast of Champions!

Hold the wheat flakes!
is what gets Noll
going in the morning....

Dried catnip!!!
(Napkin optional)


Noll & The Man in the Moon

Photo taken through a Celestron telescope
before sunset on 10.16.10

The Man in the Moon,
Looked down from the moon,
Looked down from the moon
and said,

"A little more tuna,
catnip and ham
and Nollie is ready
for bed!"


Noll's 2nd Blogoversary! WOOT!!

Dear friends,

Today marks the second anniversary of Noll's Nip.  It doesn't seem like it could be that long, but there it is.

Two years since I started blogging, out of curiosity mostly to see what blogging was all about.  Jan's Funny Farm found me and I was embraced by the Cat Blogosphere where I met legions of other cool cats =^..^= and their personal secretaries ;).  The rest, as they say, is history.

I am so glad to be here, with you furry and unfurry friends. I have enjoyed meeting you and reading your lovely and cheerful comments, and becoming your FB friends.

I hope to be here for many years to come.....And I hope to go outside today.  Why does EVERY door or window have a screen?????


Noll Hopes....

When you get the chance
to sit out
or dance...

I hope you dance!



Noll Thinks Pink


Noll's Forecast

In my corner
 of all existing things,
Fall has come.

Time for cool night falls,
For trees morphing
 into bouquets
of yellow, orange, crimson.

Birds flocking.
chirping cacophonies,
rising from
the colored canopies.

The hummingbird
 has caught
a ride out of town.

Sunlight slants.

bittersweet berries swell.
The locust pods hang low
upon the bough,
desiring the ground.

Nature's descent:

Neither containable
or collected in a jar.

All we own 
is its changing presence.

My Sunday
will be sunny,
with a slight chance
of starlings.


Noll Shows His Stripes

 Today's Photo Hunters theme is STRIPES.

Someone bust me out of here!


Noll's Hello Neko Plate

My precious hello neko plate
puts me in a happy MOOD....

But my plate makes me happiest,
When smothered in stinky FOOD!


Noll Celebrates Livestrong Day 10.2.10

Yellow is the
color of remembrance.

Today, we remember
our friends near & far:
Friends who left us
 all too soon &
friends who continue
to battle cancer.


Noll's Cousin Gizmo Gets His SPOOKY On!


Time to drape the house
in layers of ghosts, pumpkins
and green witches.

The leaves are changing color;
falling as softly
as a cat walking
on a window's ledge.

Field mice
venture near seeking
warmth and haven,
and finding (to their chagrin)
cat and mouse games;

All the while,
 Cousin Gizmo fans his inner fire:

Black cats greet
the crisp autumn air
with flicker flame eyes,
and gleaming bravado.

October is their stage
and they, its stars.