Noll's Rainy Day

The falling rain outside my window
taps a rhythm that matches each breath.
Such a slumbering day,
for cocooning.


Noll's Dirt

After a long, snowy winter,
Nothing quite compares
to a good roll in the dirt
recently rinsed
in April rain!
Unless, of course,
it's a good roll in the Nip!
That's a good thing no matter the season.
Roll Baby Roll!


Noll's Nip Nursery

My evening constitutional was brightened by the discovery of nip babies growing in heretofore uncharted soil!

The first wee delight was growing out of an old stump.  (My Own gardens as organically as possible!)  This old maple stump is used as a base for a flower pot. 
Lo and behold, a little seed must have been dropped, complete with avian fertilizer, in the most advantageous of spots.  Impeccable aim, Mr. Goldfinch!

Next, I found another wayfaring baby keeping the pink primrose company.  I am happy this little one is growing by my favorite snooping corner. 
The taxis bush holds such wonderful alien smells. 
It is here, I put on my Flehmen Response face =^..^=
One more reason to open my mouth and inhale deeply!