Noll Finds Tiggy Staring at the Door

Tiggy diligently works on his telekinetic powers.

Concentrating on the French door,
Tiggy feels the warm, mystical power surge within him.
Open, OPen, OPEN......
 *He can visualize the door opening.
  *Imagine himself walking over the threshold.
*See himself grazing on the grass around the deck.

Tiggy's got that visualizing thing down pretty good.


Noll's Toesie Tuesday

Hello kitties! 
 Look at my cheery tail and toesies.

The late September winds are blowing in drizzle and chill,
but I am warm, dry and "chilling" on my own terms.


Noll's Baby Blues


Noll Frightens Tiggy

 Tiggy:  "What do you mean
we're out of BACON!?"


Noll & the Garden Gnome

Known for his slothlike nature
and statuesque poses,
Uncle Keaks is often mistaken for a garden ornament...

Noll's thought for the day:
"Be it ever so humble,
there's no place like gnome."

P.S.  LOOK at that mountainous WALL of catnip behind Keaks! 
It's mine I tell you!   ALL MINE!


Noll Asks "Then What IS a 'Laptop' for?"

An open laptop bag is an open invitation. 
At least, in my world it is......

I find it to be the perfect little cocoon
in which to seclude myself....

You want it back?*&%!
Well, here's a little Noll commentary first!


Noll & the Sepia Amur Tiger

September 13, 2009
The Amur tiger from another angle


Noll Presents More of the Big Cats

A Siberian linx pauses at the end
of its tree perch.
A leopard snoozes on the end of its tree perch.


Noll & the Amur

September 13, 2009
At the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium,
an Amur tiger naps away the afternoon,
oblivious to the adoring crowd
that presses up against the glass.


Noll on the Coming of Fall

Photo & Poem by Kareen
The warm sun slanting,
Dew drops glimmering,
A soft-warm breeze tickling
The catnip leaves.
Sweet-September morn!
The last of the yellow daisies bend
-Like the rays of the golden sun-
A little lower to the land.
A cheep, a chirping,
The scurrying
Of a fat-black cricket
Into the cool-damp.
I feel a waning:
A need to say goodbye
To the tiny-white alyssum,
The tender-green grass,
The effervescent hummingbird.
Farewell to chasing
Brittle-gray moths
Fluttering in the sky.
Time cannot be commanded.
The rays that drench the earth,
pour out as milk in a bowl -
I sit lapping, lapping!
As much as I can.


Noll Has Bebbehs!

It is with great excitement and joy,
that Noll announces the arrival of a
bushel of bebbehs! 

Nip bebbehs.....
Thousands of them. 
 Noll has begun the process
of naming each little nipster:

Starting from left to right we have: 
Noll Jr., Nollie, Nolliemon, Nollipolliemon, Nolliemouse, Nolleena, Nolla, Nolletta, Nollster, Nollo, Nollopolo, Nolland, Nollway, Nolloompaloompa, Nolline, Nollkin, Nollipop, Nollempa, Nollamelo, Nollark, Nollas, Nollgola, Nollywood, Nollbeck, Nollbob, Nollhotchacha, Nollstar, Nollimpa, Nollsweets, Nolliuscage, Nolltoots, Nollsmooch, Nolliliciousness, Nolliputty, Nollabunga, Nollaroo, Nollkissy, Nollybutt, Nollway, Nolliam, Nolllapolooza, Nollittle, Nollumpuss, Nollberg, Nollymyluv, Nolliesnookiepie, Nollespecial, Nollcheeks, Nollissimplyirresistable, Noll....


A Page from Noll's Scrapbook

"Baby Tiggy"
When his green eyes were blue ;)
"Baby Noll"
(sporting fake whiskers)
Before his blue eyes permanently crossed


Noll's Pretty Darn Exciting (Far from Easy) Sunday Adventure

Sunday, my purple plum tree was invaded by a hungry sparrow hawk!  The ample accipiter did not quietly approach.  Oh no!  It crashed into the upper limbs sending a bevvy of perching birds to wing and nearby bittersweet bush. 
And I, Noll, but a few feet away, tied to the deck because the grass was too wet. 
(As if I would melt walking through the dew!) But there I was, out of harm's way yet fiendishly close to the action.
The hawk isn't the only one with "hawk-eyes!"  Jumping up from her breakfast, I was immediately "rescued" and the hawk chased off.
A short time later, Tiggy, Uncle Keaks and I found ourselves outside enjoying the sunny Sunday morn.  I was tied to my tree sans hawk.  Uncle Keaks was getting into his sleep-sitting position.  Tiggy, by all appearances, was about to imbide in some nip - but what was on the other side of the nip was far more interesting.
A sparrow!  A dazed and confused sparrow.  Within nomming distance! 
Tiggy got a good sniff.  That's all he got.  Old "hawk-eyes" was at it again.
The avian delight was "rescued" and allowed to recover, hidden in the black-eyed Susans. 
It lived to fly another day.