Noll Awaits the Hummingbird

The rhythm of nature is a comfort.
The rhythm of nature is a joy.
And the whirring sound of the hummingbird,
Plies my interest
Like a wind-up catnip toy!

Soon, it will come. Pushed north by the April winds. Flashing iridescent ruby throat, rudder-like tail; hovering in suspended animation. Its wings a blur. Its tiny "cheep, cheep" before an abrupt directional change. A quick sip of sugar water. Then, "zip, zip," another sip. One or two more aerial lifts before turbo-charging away. Over, and over again it does its sipping dance.

The rhythm of nature gladdens my heart.

In springtime, when, once again, we suddenly meet, it is hard to say whose heart beats faster: Mine, or the hummingbird's.