Noll on When the Sun Becomes a Flower

One season challenges the next:
Spring succumbs to Summer,
Summer whimpers into Fall,
Fall crumbles into Winter,
Winter wanes into Spring.
It is a never-ending chase.

It is now that we stand before the passing of Spring and await the halcyon moment. The happy, golden moment.
They stand tall in the garden,
with tightly knit seed heads.

The bullfrog harrumphs. Fledglings abdicate their nests. The winter wheat awaits harvest.
Rain, light, rain and the faces burst forth.
The sun of the sky stares down, met by the gaze of flower faces - a legion of faces ringed in yellow flames. Adulating sunflower faces following the sun's progress through the sky.
When the Sun becomes a Flower,
Summer reigns.