Noll Pauses to Remember.....

In memory of America's men and women of uniform:
We remember your service to country,
to the world community, and your
ultimate sacrifice of self.

May God Bless and Keep You
in His Loving Arms.


Noll Moooooves Over for the "Cow Kitty"

 (I am a day late posting...)

Mama Bug made this
for Andy's buddy, Luigi.
 Thank you Mama Bug!!

  Luigi likes being a "Cow Kitty!"

Please visit Andy
 and the little herd of "cow kitties" @


Noll Describes the Purrfect Pantry

Cans of Real Tuna,
Cans of Stinky Goodness,
Party Mix,
More Party Mix, 
3 Containers of Dry Crunchies,
a Big Bag of Indoor Formula,
Uncle Keaks.....


Noll's Neighbors

Won't you meet my neighbors?

This is Maggie and Dotty.
They are herding dogs.

I wonder if they've herd
a lot of good jokes
because they
are always

Maggie has a brown
and a blue eye!

I like the blue one best ;)


Noll Confirms:

April Showers
DO bring
May Flowers!

Wild Phlox


Noll's Stroll

While taking my evening stroll,
I pause to soak it all in.
As you can see, I am quite
the inquisitive cat.

The front yard awakens
my senses with its unusual
sights, sounds and smells.

Even my tail gets into the action.


Noll on Tiggy's Mancatliness & Luigi's Half-Butterflylipness

Tiggy goes a mole-hunting!
So far this spring, 
Tiggy has caught two of the tunneling temptations.
Go Tiggy, Go Tiggy!!
Get Mole, Get Mole!!

Speaking of moles......
Is it just my crossed eyes playing tricks on me,
or is Luigi's half-butterfly lip "mole" getting bigger?


Noll's Outlook on Mondays....