Noll on Nipping Etiquette

Apparently, there are conventional rules of social behavior
 where nipping is concerned.

Who? Knew?

Purrsonally, I believe this is all disinformation. 
However, I have been commissioned to write about nipping etiquette;
to enlighten efurryone
and (hopefully) ameliorate my bad manners. 


My Own says Tiggy always displays absolute decorum and disposition
regarding the proper enjoyment of Noll's Nip. 
Here we see Tiggy, gentleman mancat,
poised neatly on the edge of his nip napkin. 
 "The edge." 
Neatly. On.The.Edge! 
No fuss, no muss.
Note, how Tiggy fully enjoys his treat without making a mess of things,
or losing his self control. 

****Nipping Etiquette****
Rule #1:  Keeps your nip napkin neat.
Rule #2:  Keeps your feet under control.
Rule#3:  Keeps to the edges.
Rule#4:  Keeps your nip ON.THE.NAPKIN.

And THIS is what a failure
to abide by the rules of Nipping Etiquette looks like!

Should one forget the four aforementioned rules,
politely & contritely & immediately
exhibit remorse.
THIS is the proper stance to undertake following a
breaching of nipping etiquette:


(Of course, I prefer such an "exhibition" to rules!)