Noll's Caturday Review

The winter drags on. 
 It's been month's since I rolled in dirt
or napped under my purple plum tree.

Bears have the right idea. 
Next year, I am going to hibernate.

Until things thaw out
we will continue to do
the little things that we do:

Luigi will continue to strike menacing poses
 at the bottom of the steps.

I will continue to try not to look so gosh darn cute.
(Failed again!)

Tiggy will continue to look pensive
even when a delightful bit of sunlight
creeps up and warms his tush.

And Uncle Keaks?

Well, it looks like he is already trying out
that hibernation thing!

Happy Caturday


Noll Digs His Greens

I digs fresh-green NIP.
It makes me want to sing:

"Greens, Greens,
They make me SMART!

Greens, Greens,
They make me FAR-ouT!"



Noll's Silhouette

Here we have Noll's "silhouette."

Did you know that "silhouette"
is a French word? 

It means "picture showing the outline only,
 usually in black & white....
of an outrageously gorgeous mancat named Noll"

Well, now you know ;)


Noll's Easy Sunday

The dining room table
is the purrfect spot to sunbathe, dream
and be easy like Sunday morning...


Noll Says Tiggy Smells

My brother Tiggy smells.....

....with his little pink nose!  Hee Hee.
(You didn't honestly think I was calling him a stinker did you??)