Noll Recites: "This Little Nest"

My Own found this little nest one fall. Upon close scrutiny, she discovered it was made with Clyde's hair. Clyde was our special canine companion. Tiggy was his best friend. Clyde was adopted from the Human Society when he was two. Despite his diabetes, hypothyroidism and later, retinal blindness, Clyde lived a long, happy and loving life. We miss him.
This little nest
of grass and hair,

Designed by beak
beyond compare,

In perfect form were
eggs laid there.

Protected, warm
in loving care,

Fledged souls emerged
featherless, bare.

In this gentle nest
of grass and hair,

Made from him
loved beyond compare,

The flightless souls grew
Flew through the air,

Leaving this home
so warm and fair.

Discovered, treasured
beyond compare,

This little nest
woven with
his precious hair.


Noll Tells of Life in the Abstract

My existence apart from the concrete is the color red.

My life in the abstract has no design, content or objective form, I am simply the life force. I am fluid. I am blood red.

In the abstract spectrum, Tiggy is blended orange, Squeaker is mellow yellow. Luigi fades to black. I remain kinetic.

Each time I enter or exit a room, my wavelength shatters the spectrum. While the others slip into the spectrum unnoticed, my energy radiates and overwhelms life in the abstract.

No surprise since my comings and goings are no less grand in the concrete.


Noll Illuminates "the Purr"

Purring is a cat's way of smiling.

Understand: the longer the purr, the wider the grin!

It is unequivocal that no two purrs are alike. And, there is no coxing a coy or reluctant purr. Every cat possess its own unique purr which is to be used at its sole discretion.

......Deep and rolling....crinkling and tinny.....sputtering.....or, hypnotically paced like a slow metronome punctuated with a tiny drop of drool.......such are the purrs we own.

A purr is a cat's calling card.

In the grip of sweet slumber, My Own knows the cat who purrs on her pillow long before her eyes open to behold. Before the sun rises, the designate cat drifts in; softly purring in cadenced code - "Dawn's heavenly appearance draws nigh - and our bellies must be filled ere the sun rises. Arise! Arise!"

Make no mistake, "the Purr" is a subliminal order to surrender and obey. Its seductive nature has never been known to fail.