Noll: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Today, with the temperature a balmy 60 and the wind gently blowing, I rolled in the earth, I nibbled at the emerging catnip. My spirit soared at what I saw.

The daffodils and tulips are punching through the soil. A lone golden crocus blooms over Rascal's grave. Two white primroses have unfolded. The birds are a united twitter.

Though nature's pallet remains mostly hues of brown, green and a faded sky blue, earth slowly is squeezing out her remaining colors. No matter, I am all the colors of the rainbow today. The colors of life flow in my veins. For now, that will suffice.

From Noll's Art Collection

Portrait of a kitten circa 1965
Ah......Mystical, magical kittenhood.
I have lived it. I am living it still.
Blessed are they who welcome these furry sprites into their home, for they shall know unconditional love.....Noll.