Noll's Swagger Reduced

In the city by the ocean,
In the city by the sea,
are the ghosts of shipwrecked pirates
from the coast of Barbary.

Dear Diary,

Today, just before sunrise, I captured a mouse! An immense cunning and precision were involved. Dear Diary, you should have seen my moves, more daring than a Barbary pirate. The ransom mine. The praise heaped was justified. In glory did I bask. Never was there a cat more deserving of his swagger. And, swagger I did! My chest puffed out like the billows of a sail. "Hoist the Jolly Roger," I said!

An hour later, Luigi caught two!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. I said LUIGI! A former ne'er-do-well where mice are concerned. Luigi catches two....within minutes!

Dear Diary, I regret to inform you, today, just after dawn, my swagger was reduced to a pitiful sashay. Shiver me timbers....