Noll Invites YOU to a Staredown!

Go ahead, make Noll's day....

Try to stare him down!


Noll Chucks Up a Letter to the Home Office

Dear Management,

Over the course of this past week, you have sallied forth with nonstop mutterings. I am disappointed because most of what we have overheard has been very judgemental.

Nevertheless, in response, I take the high road and refrain from passing judgement. I will, however, defend our position as neutrally as possible.

Firstly, the felines in this establishment understand our responsibility vis-a-vis the delicate predator/prey relationship.

Secondly, we admit to our "recent sloppy, pitiful mousing" (did I quote you correctly?) if you admit to your role in undermining the situation.

Tiggy was on that mouse under the plant stand. He'd have succeeded in waiting it out too. You, however, moved the stand and allowed it to escape. We also know there was a second mouse under the microwave. I was on that one. But, you of course, had to move that stand as well!

You screaming "Get the mousies! Get the mousies!" confused poor grandma into thinking you were yelling at her. Of course, grandma teatering off balance from whipping off her slipper and whacking after the escaping mousies, threw everyone's game off.

Which meant we now had two baby mice on the run with grandma swinging her slipper and you running poor interference, shouting plays at us. How many times do I have to remind you, "UNCLE KEAKS CAN'T HEAR?!?"

I waited almost all day by the china hutch for the mice to come out.
Your glueboards were insulting AND redundant!

Next time, don't have a bedtime snack and you'll not chance upon our "**Half (rhymes with) Mast** work." Tiggy was on that mousie....AGAIN! You could have turned around and pretended you never saw it lolling by the pantry. Oh no, you had to grab a glueboard, corner it, and scoop it up. Duh!...Einstein....

We're sorry about the outcome...
We know you prefer to catch and release!

Next time, a little self-restraint on your part AND we will put the sloppy work behind us!

Yours Purrfully,

Noll, Tiggy, Keaks, & Luigi (who was noticeably absent during the event)


Luigi's Wordless Wednesday


Noll's "All Over the World" - Award

All Over The World - Award
We wanted to show you the International Bloggers Award The Creek Cats gave us. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!!
Here are the rules attached to this award: Link the person who tagged you. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.Post this in one or all of your blogs. Answer the four questions following these Rules. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
Questions & Your Answers:
The person who tagged you: Maizy Grace.
His/her site’s title and url: The Creek Cats http://thecreekcats.blogspot.com/
Date when you were tagged: May 22, 2009.
Persons you tagged (see below)I’m passing this award on to: Ginger Jasper, A Kitty Named Reese, Rufus Raves, Wendy's 3-D Cats, House of Cats, Tristan and Crikey, 3 County Cats.


Noll on Aspiring to be Cheetah

pencil drawing by Kareen

The Cheetah....
a singular creature
of speed, agility, rare beauty,
dynamic markings and slender grace.

This post is dedicated to Tuck & Squeaker
and every kitty who aspires to be Cheetah.
When you race through the house with enormous bursts of speed and energy, your long limbs and strong strides conquering space and time, when you climb on high to survey your assumed world or sleep secluded in your favorite spot with vigilance and graceful recline, when you groom your regal markings to prim and lustrous form, then, you too are Cheetah.


Nolls Thoughts on Vigilance

a vigilant Noll
A cat is, by its very nature, vigilant.

The subject and purpose of its vigilance is irrelevant.

It is the nature that is the divining force: to be in the state of vigilance regardless of season, wakefulness, or reason.

A cat can no more be separated from its vigilance than a songbird can be separated from its song.


Noll on Tiggy's Sleepytime Fantasy

Tiggy Dreams Himself a TIGER
(Dream adapted from a poem by William Blake)
Tiggy, Tiggy,
Burning bright,
In his dreams,
In the night,

What Immortal
hand or eye
did frame thy
fearful symmetry?
Painting by Kareen


Noll's Reminder

It is often said that
with Age comes Wisdom.

Let us remind ourselves
that Age also
begets Beauty.

a beautiful & wise 16


Noll's Thankful Thursday

Nip consoles.
Nip camouflages.
Nip is my constant companion.

Thank you, my sweet Nip.
Long may you greenly grow
in absolute abandon!


Noll's First Wordless Wednesday


Noll's After Nip Glow

!Digging In!



Noll Sends You "Mother's Day" Remembrances

"Portrait of Kareen" by Alex Szabo
"On the Flowers She Picked"
~In Springtime~
Tidy nosegays of speckled lilies, pink spring beauties, violets or,
wild geraniums, red and white trillium,
glistening buttercups.
~In Summertime~
Carefree bunches of white daisies, blue chicory, Queen Anne's lace,
milkweed spilling milky sap and,
long strands of grass gone to seed.
~In Fall~
Sturdy bouquets of purple asters, plump cattails and,
yellow ragweed, goldenrod.
In those fair seasons,
for a child carrying
color, fragrance, love,
It's impossible to say
What was the greater joy;
~the gathering~
~the giving~
~or the light leaping from her mother's eyes?~
"Happy Mother's Day" to you Mom
and to all Moms everywhere.

Noll on Cousin Simba

For near on forty years,
ever since My Own's sister
chose the name for the family's first cat:
There has always been a "Simba."
Simba the Fourth,
Coy inside cat
Dark pointed, blue-eyed Siamese,
Shares his homey rustic ranch
With dogs, kitties, horses, geese.
Whiskers as long as walrus tusks
Gentle giant, gentle meez.

Noll Receives the "One Lovely Blog Award"

Two of my newest friends Ginger Jasper and The Creek Cats
gave me this award.
Thank you so much!!

This award is to introduce new blogs to your readers. Here's what you do ~ Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 or 5 (or a number in between) other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. Let's see here.........

We're passing this along to some new friends of ours:
















Noll Concludes the 'Simba' Steiff Tale

Appearing for his second breakfast, Noll found, instead of his blue bowl, a distraught 'Simba' Steiff on the kitchen island. With absolute empathy, Noll listened as the "Simba' Steiff retold his sad story. When 'Simba' Steiff finished, Noll explained to him the unintentional snipping mistake My Own had made over 30 years ago.

"Oh Half-Siamese like me UnSteiff cat, what can I do? I have no button in ear. I have no value. I am nothing without my identity tag! A sad cloud fell over the room.

Suddenly, 'Simba' Steiff's face brightened.

"We have the same points, same blue eyes - except for that funny crossing thing going on with you. Did you make a face and it got stuck? No matter....I will be your mini-me AND your shadow!"

Of course even with Noll, empathy has its limits. Briefly, a slightly panicked Noll lost his perfect posture and composure at the suggestion of sharing his space, fame and spotlight...."Uh," Noll stammered...
And necessity being the mother of invention. Noll ran to the hutch and gathered up the tiny Steiffs - monkey, bear, porcupine - huddled in the corner.
As luck would have it, there was one UNSNIPPED Steiff in the bunch. Jocko! Noll whispered in his ear and carried Jocko over to 'Simba' Steiff.
"SHARING IS CARING!" Noll cried out. "Jocko do your thing!"
And with that matter settled, 'Simba' Steiff happily returned to the hutch.
Of course, now 'Simba' Steiff has a monkey on his back....but that's another story ;)


Noll's Saga of 'Simba' Steiff Goes On.....

Having been confounded by the reticent white UnSteiff cat, 'Simba' Steiff ran to the other side of the room. "Hallo! ginger UnSteiff cat, I'm 'Simba' Steiff. "What are you looking at? What...the...NOMMY...little brown spineless hedgehogs with pouchy cheeks....swabbing seeds off the deck. Can we eat them?"

"Chipmunks....NOT for eating," the ginger UnSteiff cat replied.

"Ooops, my bad!" 'Simba' Steiff replied. "Ahem, HALLO, Ginger! Where's The Professor and Mary Ann! HA HA HA. Why are you staring at me? Oh, you're admiring my button in ear? It's something isn't it!"

"WHAT?" 'Simba' Steiff exclaimed. "My button in ear is missing? It's a CASTAWAY? Please help me find it! Is it up here on the dining room table. Do you see it?"

"Hey, ginger UnSteiff cat, if your butt is dirty and you sit on the wood table, does it become a 'poop deck'?"

"Ugh.. sorry ginger UnSteiff cat, I meant no offense. It's the nip, the excitement. Where are you going? Is my button over there on the kitchen island? Wait for me!"

"Whoa....big island hop! What do you see? Any sign of my button?" 'Simba' Steiff asked sadly.

"No. Nothing. No button," The ginger UnSteiff cat answered. "But I think I see an uneaten Temptation by the sink....Chow....Good luck, little buddy."

Noll Receives "A Life is Grand" Award

I received this award from JC of Lilacs and Cats. Thank you! :)
JC's blog is filled with the love she has for her cats and dogs, her natural surroundings, her family, lilacs and the ocean. It is a sweet, honest and thoughtful place. Please stop by to say hello.
This is how it works :
1. Give five reasons why you think life is Grand.
2. Pass the award on to five more blogs that you think are Grand.
Here are the five reasons I think life is grand:
Life is grand because:
1.) The natural world surrounds me and brings peace to my home.
2.) My support group - Tiggy, Squeaker, Luigi. You guys ROCK!
3.) Special places, funny faces on the cat blogosphere.
4.) My nip patch....it spreads and spreads and spreads....
5.) No matter our shortcomings, Tiggy, Squeaker, Luigi, & I are cherished members of our family.
I am passing this award on to:
1.) Cat with a Garden
2.) Ginger Jasper
3.) The Monkeys
4.) Sweet Praline
5.) US 4 Gatos


Noll's Saga of the Unexpected Guest Continues

His decision to come in and meet the "UnSteiff" cats having been made, 'Simba' Steiff took one long, wistful look at the garden paradise he had just enjoyed and bellowed "Farewell sweet magic mushroom trail. Auf Weidersehen my gutest, tastey nip!"

"Hallo, Ich bin 'Simba' Steiff," he said enthusiastically to Uncle Keaks. "A world famous "Steiff" with the 'button in ear.' I am quite valuable. You may have seen me in the hutch. Hallo?"

"What are you staring at?"

(You may recall, Keaks is a little hard of hearing.)

"WOW, birds, hey exciting! You do this a lot? Hallo? Anyone home? Woohoo, that nip is potent!"

"Ha Ha...That nip is like totally coursing through my veins like a D-Zug...hee hee... DURCHGANGSZUG. WOO! WOO!!. That's an express train to you. "

"Hey, my name is 'Simba' Steiff. I'm famous and I'm talking to you with my 'button in ear.' What is your name white UnSteiff cat who sits and stares!"

"Hallo!!! 'Simba' Steiff howled one last time. "UnSteiff Cat Got Your Tongue?"--

Noll Petitions Your Vote - Purrty Please

Thanks to Jan's Funny Farm for the heads up......I posted my photo on the American Greetings contest page. My grandpa used to be a card designer for this fine company.....

Please, please vote for me using the link below OR, at the pet challenge home page, put my name (Noll) in the search box :)


Noll on Their Unexpected Visitor

After 30 odd years locked in a glass hutch alongside porcelain and silver, 'Simba' Steiff seized upon the invitation of an open door. He bolted for the great outdoors! Realizing freedom, 'Simba' Steiff explored a world he had never known.

The simple wooden rail proved exhilarating. The heights made 'Simba' Steiff giddy. Eager for more adventure, his stiff Steiffed legs led him down the magical mushroom path.....

and into a bit of nip...Noll's Nip! Actually, it was a whole lot of premium nip. 'Simba' Steiff had, quite simply, entered the third dimension!

Plied with nip, high as a post, 'Simba' Steiff was beyond containment. From his perch, he spied the 'UnSteiff Cats,' staring out the screen door at him. All those long years, the 'UnSteiffs' had simply passed him by without nary a glance. 'Simba' Steiff wanted back in!


Noll's Perceptual Gaze

This weekend, I was slightly amused. Slightly annoyed.
"Saturday morning was a bustle of photographic activity.
A 'prop' was used. (Overused, if you ask me!)
Nevertheless, I am forced to announce the upcoming blog event."
****Appearing All Next Week in Technicolor****
Out of the hutch and in our space it's
"Simba" Steiff:
The cat without a button in its ear
(because she was just too darn fast with the scissors.)