Noll's Nip Patch Surprise

The nip patch by my purple plum
is my favorite of spots.

The nip grows sweet,
the flowers deep,
I hides happy in the lot.

December can bring
warmer days, days of slanting sun,

I ventured out,
I made my run
to the place
I dreams about.

It was verily
a patch of brown,
nothing much to munch.

Then a patch of brown
raised from the ground
and made a mighty SQUAWK!

A bright red crown
raised on high,
it made my tail puff out.
I gave a hiss,
I lunged and missed.
The marauder I rout!

He echoed back
and flapped his mighty wings:

A little closer Sir Gallinaceous,
and your pretty neck I'd 'ring!'

But alas and alack,
She recoiled the slack,
And brought me to her side.

She picked me up,
Her "Nolliness"
like a damsel in distress!

I do not know where
the usurper went
or if he knows his crime:

You venture once upon my patch,
I lets the offense slide.
Twice, you amble in my nip,
You're mine!


Noll on Chickadees

Of all the little birdies
    in all the little trees,
He who sings the cheeriest
   is the black-capped chickadee!


Noll Rumbles

And we aren't talking
 "rumble" as in purring either......

Advantage goes to....Noll!


Noll Ponders Spoiling

The dictionary defines "spoil" (spoiled, spoilt or spoiling) as:
to make or become useless, unsatisfactory, rotten, inedible, overindulgence.....

I am quite confused by this word!  Spoil's definition does not compute!!

  Case in point, here we have My Own "spoiling" (her word choice) Tiggy
with some delicious tapioca.
Three fingertips covered in milky pudding!  (Hence..."the spoiling.")

I ask you.
Does Tiggy look unsatisfactory, rotten or useless?
Does that tapioca look inedible?

And, here I am, standing on the table the humans eat off of,
receiving some pawsome chin skiritches.

I repeat....ON.THE.TABLE.

"Nollie," My Own says, "You are spoilt."

Dictionary translation:  I'm Overindulged??



Dona Nobis Pacem 11.4.11

Peace to one and all.


Noll: LiveStrong

so that one day,
cancer will be defeated.

Our Friends Milo & Alfie created a
beautiful post in honor of
LiveStrong Awareness Day. 

Please click on the link below to visit their blog:


Noll's Purrfect Advice



Noll's Daze

I likes to sit and ponder,
 whilst admiring 'the yonder'
that begins at the stoop
of my front porch.


Noll's Third Annual NIP-a-PO-LOOZA

Yes my lady cats & genteel mancats,
it's that time again!


Time to raid my premium gold reserve

The hot summer sun infused this year's nip
with a robust, piquant aroma.
And the flavor?!

Purrrely Divine.

Gaze upon the verdant bounty.
Then dive my fine felines,
dive on into the fresh!

Take your time.
Rock out with the nip!

When you start to feel peckish,
Grab a pawful of Crispies!
And join me inside for some dried nip.

"Nom, Nom, Nom."
It's OK to chew with your mouth open!

It's also purrfectly acceptable
 to lick the carpet.

During NIP-a-PO-LOOZA,
I don't stand on formality.

Because I don't STAND.....period!


Noll Remembers Miss Peach

Dearly loved.
She will be dearly missed.


Noll Wishes All A "Happy World Cat Day"

Happy World Cat Day

Cats Rule!


Noll's Upcoming Event

To be sure, the blogging on this site has been sporadic at best.

My Own has been preoccupied with various and a sundry matters;
 one of which is a new job at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

To my chagrin, my Nip-A-Po-Looza has been delayed.
  First the weather affected the growing of my green delight.
Now, a tight work schedule is pushing the extravaganza farther out.
 BUT, there WILL be a nip party very soon!

In the meantime, I leave you with a recent photo of Uncle Keaks,
 who has been performing quality control on this year's crop. 
He's 18 and looking like a million!
Proof positive, that catnip is the fountain of youth


Noll's Burden

Happy Monday.

What a burden it is to be so handsome,
so mancatly.

But, I am determined to carry this heavy burden
so long as it is mine to bear!



Noll on Tiggy's Love Offering

It is said, a cat will bring love offerings to the one he loves.
Some cats eat most of their catch and leave a tail,
or a foot or a feather as token. 

Some, like our Tiggy, hurry and forget to deal the final blow
before presenting the love offering to the one he loves.

Tonight, Tiggy caught a vole. 

He brought it to her.
More precisely, he RAN it over to her - complete and unexpired.  

It was no surprise then that Tiggy's love offering was declined!


Noll's Likeness in the Garden

My Own spent time deconstructing a garden this morning.  (Although, what she calls "weeding," 
I call getting rid of perfectly tasty long grasses.) 

I watched her from my place by the garden gate.
  She in turn, watched me, from time to time, as she worked in the lily bed. 

When it was time for lunch, My Own gathered me up.
  She told me I was an inspiration, a poetic presence.
Her pudding pie!
(Because my ears are the color of butterscotch.)

I slept the afternoon away while she mixed colors with water and created my likeness from memory. 

Tiggy says she captured my "best side!" 

Noll in his Garden
June 12, 2011


Noll's Wordless Wednesday


Noll Harvests Some Nip

My nip stash was getting drastically low,
so I implored My Own 
to enter into the nip patch with me.

This way!  This way! 
 Come on, come in!!!

"Fill the arms of the green chair
with my fresh, aromatic nip." 

I will stand guard
as my nip dries in the June sunshine.
I will thwart all maraudering catnip bandits!
I will....Zzzzzzzzz.


Noll's Unauthorized Sleepover

On Saturday, the daughter and her kitten,
Wuschens, made an unexpected visit.
They had to stay the night
and all day Sunday. 
Something about their
air not conditioning.

OK, so I was cool with sharing our cool air.

Not OK, with the munch mouth eating from my dishes.....
Hello!   That's my Hello Kitty plate & bowl.

I saw him eat his weight in stinky goodness!!

Which means Wuschens passes really bad gas!!
Now, our air needs "conditioning".....

Caution:  An evil stinkiness lurks within that cute little body!
Pick him up & cuddle him at your own risk.

Is our air clear now?
Is it safe to come out?


Noll on a New Way to Watch Chipie

We like rodents.
She likes rodents. 
You should have heard her "Squeee"
when she saw the four baby chipmunks last Sunday. 

She put out MORE seeds and peanuts.
"Momma has babies to feed!"

Next, she moved an old maple stump
in front of the family room window;
placing a birdfeeder on top.
"If you sit still on the window ledge," she intones,
"It's likely you'll see Chipie vacuum up a meal." 

Here's the little Hoover now!


Noll's Lament

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday. 
Even the day's name - Sunday - spoke to the day's perfection. 
The air infused with the scent of wild phlox and lily of the valley.
A robin egg blue sky overhead. 
Yellow birdies hanging upside down, feeding on the thistle sock.
The leaves of my purple plum tree strumming the breeze. 
And the green, green grass in front of my window,
layed out like a welcoming mat.

So, why was I on the inside looking out?

P.S., I did get to go outside shortly after
my theatrical performance =^..^=


Noll Introduces His New Cousin

Allow me to introduce our new little cousin! 
His name is Wuschens.  That is a Prussian word for "knitted booties." 
Wuschens is two months old.  An affectionate tuxie. 
Our bean sister, Corrie and her boyfriend, Mike adopted him on Saturday. 

He's a bit like velcro.

He loves having his belly tickled!

He sleeps on Corrie's face!

He loves his ball track.

He can put away the stinky goodness like nobody's business!

Wuschens has four little white "wuschens."

He is T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. cute!

And, I want his ball track!


Noll's Hiatus Ends....Perhaps

There is a saying among friends, "Don't be a stranger." 
What began as a brief hiatus, morphed into an impasse;
an impasse that bred neglect. 
Regretfully, I became a stranger. 
The cats are unchanged.  Noll sits under his purple plum tree musing, as often as he is allowed.  A few days ago, as I paused to photograph the flowering kaga plum, Noll climbed the old apple tree.  (I wished I could have captured that look of utter glee on his face.)  Tiggy still takes little catnaps in the catnip and comes running when I say the words "cookie time."  Uncle Keaks and Luigi, eat, and sleep at their leisure, and play a slow version of cat-tag only they understand.

I meant to write, I meant to visit.  I meant to do a number of things.  Instead, while waiting for winter's discontent to end and April's rains to pass, I took up watercoloring to brighten my slough.  A new diversion.  Much like Noll's Nip once was.  I have found much joy writing Noll's Nip, traveling the blogosphere with all of you.

It is now May, the small joys lurking in the yard, are like crumbs guiding me back -a patch of tulips looking like scoops of sherbert, the first migrating humingbird, an evening rainbow, the sound of the starling hatchlings, their cheeps echoing down the chimney- guiding me back to what, I do not know. 

As of now, I believe, there is no more to tell.  Have I finally succumbed to this melee inside of me?  Am I now, finally, as finicky as my cats; and as fickle as the weather.  Perhaps I will change my mind tomorrow.  Perhaps not.   


Noll Springs Eternal

Like Hope, Noll Springs Eternal =^..^=

Inside, the geraniums overwintering in the kitchen
are awash in color: pink, salmon, white & red.

Outside, the snow has melted.
New grass is growing, 
Birds break out into song,
As purple & yellow crocuses wave in the wind,
Beckoning me to to join them.


O'Nollie on St. Paddy's Day

A yonder is O'Nollie

They be wee & magical creatures,
those little leprechauns.
I woke early to a rainbow
and a stranger in my lawn.

Blink your eye,
and he'll be gone
ere he never happened there!

Yet the luck he dropped
in that tiny spot
is golden & greenly Eire.

Happy St. Paddy's Day


Noll & "The Easy Gang"

Cue Lionel Richie........
Cuz, we're easy,
And we don't do Daylight Savings Time!!

Ok, well, Uncle Keaks is a
little more upright than easy...but

Luigi is spot(s) on easy!

And Tiggy, is easy prone!

......and Moi??????

I'm more deflated than easy,
 but oh-my-cuteness!