Noll's Update on the St. Petersburg Road Trip

Road trip!
Well, not for Moi
but for the humans....

Here's Corrie on day two of her
3-month rotation at Bay Front Hospital.
Clever girl for choosing a warm
and sunny locale for her OT internship ;)

Before she began her training,
everyone enjoyed a trip to Sawgrass Lake Park.
The sun is mirrored in the water
and the lily pads float like little boats.
So very tranquil. 
Listen to the insects chirp a merry tune.
But beware!
Gators lurk in the murk....

This frisky squirrel
lives in Sawgrass Lake Park
with those hungry alligators. 
Enjoy your berries but
Mind your step Mr. Squirrel!

This signs reads: 
 Do Not Feed or Molest...
the gators might mistake your hand for a handout!

I hope Mr. Squirrel
knows how to read!


Noll Makes an Inquiry.....

How much is that kitty in the window?


Noll Be Talking Like A Pirate!

Arrrrg....there be no photos of me as a pirate.
Someone is going to walk the plank for this!

Here be Uncle Keaks,

In honor of the day,
we're talking (meowing) like
pirates on Facebook too.


Noll's "Sepia Scenes" Post

Noll is posting these two photos
on the "Sepia Scenes" blog today:

These photos were taken at this year's Delaware All Horse Parade.  Delaware is a city in Central Ohio.  The parade heralds in the country fair and the Little Brown Jug and Jugette Pacing Races.  There were many beautiful horses and carriages in this year's parade and many riders dressed in costume.

Some shots just scream - "Make me sepia!" 
 Like these riders in Civil War attire and the horse-drawn hearse. 


Noll on Tuesday's "Home Improvement" Happenings....

Sometimes, cleaning and boredom get together
 and a creative spark is ignited.

My Own was cleaning out the kitchen closet. 
She vacuumed, dusted; sorted through the closet contents
 for something called a "garage sale," patched walls and painted.

Anyway, being easily distracted,
she took a homemade kaleidoscope
that had been in a box of craft items and 
began changing up the beads and buttons. 
She monkeyed around shooting images
through the length of the tube. 
Some 80 photos later, My Own decided she liked how they looked. 

Incidentally, the closet did get painted,
and everything not going into the "garage sale" was put back.
(Yep, the kaleidoscope is a keeper.)

All in all, a tidy & good day's work. 

The closet looks pretty good too.
My leash and collar are neatly hung from a peg.
I was glad to see that furry important "keeper" item
returned to the kitchen closet!
It was sitting rather close to the "garage sale" pile
and I was getting a little nervous ;)


Noll Explains it All....

With apologies to REO Speedwagon

It has been well established that,

Observe Tiggy!
Here's the piano.
Here's the tuna....

<º))))>< <º))))>< <º))))>< <º))))><


hard as you might try,
-especially if that fish
is a stuffed salmon
hanging on a wall!-

<º))))>< <º))))>< <º))))>< <º))))><

It CANnot be done!

But what you might
not have known is.....


Nom, nom, nom



Noll Reflects on a Milestone Passed with Random Thoughts

My 250th post milestone.....
If the milestone were a snake,
 it would have bit Moi!

And here am I....
kind of looking like a snake in the grass...
ready to pounce on....a marigold?

I passed the 250th post milestone.
Without notice. 
 Without fanfare. 
Perhaps it was the heat
 that addled my brain.
Or maybe too much nip ;)

But, here it is post #253!
A little bit of this & a little bit of that...

My handsome brother Tiggy,
out for an evening constitutional,
a nibble of grass & maybe a plump vole.

A Common Buckeye butterfly
(yep, that's the name of this butterfly
...Common Buckeye)
sipping nectar from a sedum.
Such a pretty little thing....hardly common!
But fun to chase,
though absolutely elusive....

And here is a BIG woofie named Victor.
He is an English Mastiff & a
member of the extended Hillman family.
This gentle giant weighs in at 180 lbs.
Talk about eating you out of house & home....BOL!
Glad I don't have to share my
kibble bowl with those jaws ;)

 A tunnel spider web woven into the yew
has nothing but the morning dew
 caught in it.
That spider could use a few
hunting lessons from Tiggy & Moi!

And finally, I leave you with some goldenrod
nestled in with the white pine. 
We are heading into Autumn. 
 I love the golds & reds of the season.
The days are warm & the
scents of the season
soothe the senses.
(say that 10 times fast...MOL!)


Noll Wishes All a Safe & Happy Labor Day

I smell a BBQ!
Monday marks
the official end
to Summer.

I Hope your Summer
 was fun & full
of special moments.

Happy Labor Day 
Efurrybody :)


Noll & The Sabattus Kittehs =^..^=

While she was in Maine,
My Own visited some friends
who had three grey tabby kittehs.

Tiny mews,
Tiny faces

Tiny Tailsies

One doting mamma,

Tiny toesies

Three little lumps of striped sugar.


Noll's Wordless Wednesday