Noll In the Society of Feline Gardeners

Thursday In The Garden- Society of Feline Gardeners

Today, I join with Jonesie of the Cory Cat Blog (http://corycattalks.blogspot.com/)
Founder Emeritus and Master Gardener,
 in higlighting the garden
I live and play in. 

It is harvest time
 in my neck of the woods:
Home-grown nommies
for the humans.

Here we have the Saffron Straightneck Squash.
Their shape & color remind me
 of those cheery yellow goldfinches
that light overhead
when I sits under my purple plum tree.

This is a bicolor sweet corn
named Peaches & Cream.
Hmmmm....I likes cream!

Little orbs of purple goodness:
these Kaga plums will be sugared
 & turned into jam.
My Own often calls me
 her "Sugar Plum Faerie" =^..^=

Super Snappy Bush Peas!
What a delightful green. 
Which reminds me to remind you....
It is important to eat colorful things.
Nomming grassy should be on
efurrybody's daily to-do list!

Of course,
not efurrything
that grows in my garden
is human-nommy fare.

I don't have to tell you
what this is ;)