More on Noll

We got some good news today....Noll's T4 (thyroid) is normal. It was enlarged and that was a concern.

The antibiotics appear to be working.  Noll is finally moving around.  His bean sister Corrie came home from college.  She took him outside today and is giving him TLC right now.  Noll ate a little Iams this afternoon and licked some chicken baby food for dinner.  I will try the watered down version suggested by the Cats of Wildcats Wood.  (Noll lost 2 pounds.)  Noll still isn't drinking water on his own and he has not eliminated, which was my original concern and thought of what ailed him.  I still think that is part of the problem.

Thank you everyone for the purrs and headbutts and a-roos ;)  We appreciate you!

This was taken Saturday afternoon right
before Noll started acting punky on Sunday. 
Noll was fist-pounding the front door :)