Noll's Handsomeness Takes Us Into the New Year

Happy New Year
Here's to Another Year of Looking Great!


Noll's Napping is Contagious!

Seems imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! 
 Or is that "cattery?"
Anyways, here's is the little old man, tucked under the same blanket I frequent. 
 I caught him right before he succumbed to slumber. 
Happy napping Uncle Keaks =^..^=


Noll's Nap

I spent a lovely length of time out in the sunshine today.  The warm weather was both a surprise and a delight.  My furs lapped up the beams.  I sat beneath my purple plum so long I missed my afternoon nap.  So, I turned in early. I tucked myself under the soft blanket. "Night-night."

P.S.,  My Own loves my carmel-colored ears.  She kissed them as she turned out the lights.