Noll Ponders Spoiling

The dictionary defines "spoil" (spoiled, spoilt or spoiling) as:
to make or become useless, unsatisfactory, rotten, inedible, overindulgence.....

I am quite confused by this word!  Spoil's definition does not compute!!

  Case in point, here we have My Own "spoiling" (her word choice) Tiggy
with some delicious tapioca.
Three fingertips covered in milky pudding!  (Hence..."the spoiling.")

I ask you.
Does Tiggy look unsatisfactory, rotten or useless?
Does that tapioca look inedible?

And, here I am, standing on the table the humans eat off of,
receiving some pawsome chin skiritches.

I repeat....ON.THE.TABLE.

"Nollie," My Own says, "You are spoilt."

Dictionary translation:  I'm Overindulged??