Noll's Belated Blogoversary

Here is the face that launched
 140 posts over the course of one year 

Unfortunately, I was unable to celebrate on the designate day & I could not put together a party.  I had every intention.  But the secretary was in Cleveland.  Then, she clicked on a link which infected her computer.  The virus won & the computer is toast.

So instead of a party, I am going to ramble. 

My Own (which is what I call her because she belongs TO ME) started this blog on October 15, 2008 to write prose, poetry, showcase her father's artwork & her four beautiful cats.  When I, your humble Noll, was selected as "Random Cat of the Day on 3/27/09, well, the direction and purpose shifted to ALL THINGS NOLL with a little bit of Tiggy, Luigi and Uncle Keaks.  But sometimes, I let her write too ;)

Following Random Cat of the Day's notice that I had been chosen , my first comment from the cat blogosphere came from Jan's Funny Farm.  Moi, Momsbusy, ElyseK, Everycat, Astrid and ckhelmg also posted lovely thoughts that day.

I am truly amazed and glad for the the blogging cat community.  You are all so wonderful.  You welcomed me and told each other about me the very next day.  In a matter of a week, I had almost two thousand hits to my blog.  Soon, I got to following you too:  The Meezers, Tuck, Angel and Kirby, Reese, Millie, The Pouponettes, Forever Feline, Dante, Cybercibes, Rain, RusticRanch, The Fur Kids, Daisy Curly Cat, Miss Peach, Purrchance to Dream, JC, Ginger Jasper, Lisa Lisa & the Cat Jam, Cat with a Garden and a host of others (I'm sorry if I didn't mention you personally as I am doing this from memory). I have enjoyed your stories, crazy parties, nap piles, obsession with ham, your wardrobes, toys and bean adventures.  I purred for you, smiled with you and cried with you.  You taught me so much about cats, (and dogs) and blogging.

I love you all.
Thank you for a special year.