Noll on His (Human) Pet Peeves !!

Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit....
I gots to thinking.

Humans are always complaining about this,
that and the other.

This bothers them, that makes them go loopy and
something else just bugs the
jumping jeepers out of them.

WELL, I have a few of my own human pet peeves!
Here's a sampling:

Noll's #1 human pet peeve: 
I prefer a reliable, clockwork presentation of stinky goodness every morning!
Go back to bed if you must, just DON'T SLEEP IN.

Noll's #2 human pet peeve:
Unexpected, grating noises.
When you get out that box of foil wrap 
and tear off a sheet.
Holy cow that noise goes right through me!

Noll's #3 pet peeve:
Closed doors.
WHAT ever are you hiding at all hours
of the day and night?
Keep the doors open woman,
so I might see
and come and go as I please.
I've got this curiosity thing to satisfy!

And, you dear furfriends,
do you have any human pet peeves?


Noll on Cardboard Magic

Cardboard box lids are magical. 
They can be anything a cat imagines.

Unpacking a box of her daughter's college books,
My Own casually dropped the lid to the floor. 

 That was three months ago.

The second the lid hit the floor,
 brother Tiggy claimed it.

There's a blanket of pink, white and blue knitted squares
folded neatly to the edges of the box to cushion it.
There's also one corner neatly duct taped
because brother Tiggy leans heavy on that edge
and mere box glue could not contend
with Tiggy's ample gingerness.

When the sleepies overcome him, Tiggy imagines the box lid is a bed.
When Chipie the Chipmunk comes for his morning peanuts and seeds,
Tiggy sits tall and imagines the lid is his front row, theatre box seat.
When the day is especially sunny,
 the box lid becomes Tiggy's tanning bed.
Sometimes, My Own drops a jingle ball or a toy mouse into the box lid.
It is then that Tiggy imagines it is an air hockey table.

Once upon a time, a cardboard box lid,
fell from out of the blue.
Magic ensued.


Noll is at the End of His Rope


There's Noll....

There is his rope. 

....and he is at the end of it ;)

Hee hee!


Noll's Friday "Feline Feast for the Eyes"

From the Manly-Mancat Exhibition

Noll's Nip presents:

A Friday
"Feline Feast for the Eyes"

"Old Blue Eyes" Noll

A "Sepia Striped" Tiggy Tiger

The "Inquisitive" Uncle Keaks

"Pansy Pot & Pinkie-Nosed" Luigi
(Wait, that doesn't sound very mancatly)

And Finally, the
"What Chu Look'n At?" Noll


Noll's Second Annual NIP-a-PO-LOOZA

Whew.....we lost track of time!
The summer is coming to an end
 and we ALMOST forgot
 to have us a NIP-a-PO-LOOZA

This will be our second annual


Same drill as last year with some new twists:

Jump on in.....the NIP IS FINE!

Pick a patch
and make yourself at home :)

Have yourself a NIPtini
or two...or three

There's kitteh milk
and milk candy for
the wee ones ;)

with the NIP NANNERS


Dancing Kitty

Then, find a nice clump of nip 
& take a NIP NAP!

And when you're ready to leave
(If you can force yourself to go.....)

Please take a commemorative  badge.


Noll's Versatile Blogger Award....

We accepted this award from Nicky of 
Over the past few days,
we've seen this on several blogs, so we
are going to do like Nicky &;
invite efurryone to take it.  Here are the guidelines ;)

Thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave you the award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who "you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic!"

1.)  Luigi acts like a tough guy, but he's the scardiest cat in the nip patch.
2.)  About five years ago, Tiggy had to have a Perineal urethrostomy.
3.)  Uncle Keaks will go off to find a quite place to chill & then meow loudly like he's lost or lonely.  He doesn't stop until someone calls his name.  Then he comes running.
4.)  We are all formerly feral cats.
5.)  Luigi has caught Chipie the Chipmunk twice.  And twice, Grandma was there to rescue Chipie.
6.)  Noll's favorite way to nap is under a blanket or bedcover.
7.)  We all like shredded cheese, especially Colby :)

Now it's your turn =^..^=


Noll Spies with His Little Eye, Another EYE!


Nah, that's just
Luigi relaxing on the pool deck.
He's easy like Sunday morning.

Happy & Sunny Sunday to all our friends :)


Noll Wishes You a Happy "Friday the 13th!"

(Noll's cousin Gizzie from

Black Cats RULE!!!
Hug a black cat today :)



Noll's Garden Tour - Harvest Time in the Nip Patch

Before she left for Maine (and abandoned us for a week),
My Own planted some variegated cat grass.
You can read all about "her" experience here: 

Or just gaze at this lovely photo.
Nice to look at for sure....better to nom.
Can you see the little nommy marks we made?

Here we have some yellow and green bush beans. 
 These were harvested on Monday. 
I didn't get too excited about them
because, well, they are afterall just beans.

The watermelons are getting bigger.
Regular watering is plumping these beauties up.
This gets the humans excited.
I hears the smacking of lips already!

The catnip by the garage, the patch I liked to
hide in, has been harvested.
Look who thinks he's "King of the Hill!"
Tiggy fell asleep atop my nip!

That's all for this week.
Hope you enjoyed the harvest tour.
Visit Jonsie at the Cory Cat Blog
for more gardening posts.


Noll's Bovine Brother

Luigi was looking rather
"Holstein" this morning:
Perhaps it was the sight of him
surrounded by acres of plush grass,
the lazy way he mooved about, 
slowly nomming on the greens,
or that overhead view of his five spots....

Or maybe,
it was all that MOOing
 he was a-doing.......

No doubt about it,
Luigi belongs in this club :)


Noll's Topsy Turvy Tuesday

So, if you enjoyed my "I-can-touch-my-tongue-to-the-tip-of-my-nose" trick, you are gonna love my impression of the tomato plant container that is all the rage:


Moi, as a


*This photo was taken of moi from a
flat-on-your-back position under the dining room table.

MOL....I'm being stalked in my own house!!!


Noll Apologies for the Lack of Posts...

I got no thumbs....so I cannot type! 

My typist was vacationing in Maine. 

I thinks she's done messing with her latest photos.

I hopes to be back to dictating soon.

In the meantime, here is a photo of moi! 


SHE cannot even come close to doing that!

Anyone else share this talent?