Noll: "Shift to Uncomplicate"

Card Design by A. Szabo

Now, standing at the doorway to spring - the season of new beginnings - I offer this suggestion: "Shift to uncomplicate."

Shake loose the constraints which bind you to compete for inconsequential objects and matters. For you also are as lilies of the field.
Bask in the sunshine.....it costs nothing.
Draw deep the free fragrance of the rain-drenched earth.
Marvel at the magic of new leaf emerging from bare branch.
Remark how every flower is slightly different though same.
Understand, nature's intricacies do not make life complicated, though the intricacies themselves are complicated. It is always how you respond to the lilies of the field that matters. "Shift to uncomplicate."
Admire the lily just as it is. Do not tempt yourself to gild it.

For simplicity and freedom are one.

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