Noll Explains How Tiggy Earns His Keep

Each cat, according to his talents, has specific responsibilities. You might call them chores. We prefer to call them our 'avocations.'

Luigi, Tiggy, Squeaker and I share the obvious, cat-specific avocation of "Smoochie Boys!"
Enough said.

I am the "Head Gardener," "Speech Maker," "Fitness Instructor" (Someone has to walk Her!), "Blog Inspirer", etcetera, etcetera.

Squeaker, as you might recall, is the "Stairway Troll." He does some other things too, but I can't recall what.

Luigi is "Grandma's Dawg" and our "Resident First-Alert, There's Someone at the DOOR: Quick! Hide! Expert."

Tiggy is "Mouser-in-Chief" and "The Wardrobe Master" (He's a huge fan of Project Runway, btw). Here's Tiggy preparing a "Casual Friday: Ready-to-Wear" business separate for My Own.

Your work blouse smells OK. Let me see though. Ah, it needs a few more toenail snags and some fur clumps.

Noll in Repose

Having completed my evening constitutional,
I am the picture of contentment.
Now, I can sleep, perchance to dream of dirt rolling, scent sniffings,
face rubbings and spritzing the bushes.