Noll's Sunday Reflections on a Tuesday

Noll's lament.

There's never enough time to do
everything on my to-do list!
Such as:

Walking through the violets,
nibbling on the catnip,
piddling on the perennials,
napping, eating, being naughty,
chipmonk & birdie watching,
nibbling on the catnip,
meditating under my purple plum tree,
being a blogger's inspiration.....
yadda, yadda, yadda!

Maggie's lament is similar:

Here she is on Sunday, the day of rest!
Her tail is a blur.
She has lots on her to-do list,
which means that tail of hers
has to move at a consistently fast pace!
chasing Dotty,
playing fetch,
checking the fence line,
barking at the birds,
being a faithful companion,
visiting the back forty....

I wish I could find the pause button for us both!

Alas, for now,
I seek the solace & quiet shade
of my purple plum tree.
I think there's some time management
tips in there somewhere -
if only I had the time to look for them.