Noll Performs "La danse"

Act I

The coy tail
peeks out from the silky drapes.
Gently sweeping,
swaying, searching,
"Must I forever dance alone?" 

Act II

"What happy chance!"
exclaims the tail.
"Come hither, sweetest-little-paw.
For I am loney and needs claim you
as my dancing partner."


"Alas, and tally ho!"
laments the tail,
"Like snow melting in the warming sun,
my sweetest-little-paw did run!
Vanished into thin air!"

"Alone again,"
Intoned the tail
"Or maybe not!!
For I FEEL a MOST curious stare."

The End



Noll's Unexpected Thing

Twas the day after Thanksgiving,
 and what should appear
before my wondering eyes
and attentive ears?

A cascade of green leaves
shaped like hearts!

I sniffed & I nibbled.
My nose turned bright pink.
Fresh catnip is best
when it comes unexpected!
That's what I think!



Noll Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

To all our friends,
Near and far....

Happy Thanksgiving &
May God Bless You.


Noll Kind of Quotes Shakespeare...

Perchance to dream.
to find that perfect shrub
upon which
to lavish my attention.

There's the rub.


Noll Rids the World of Danger Once Again!

A furry-striped snake
undulated under the plate.
I touched it once
to determine its ferocity!

I watched that cunning snake;
And knew
it would create havoc
if left uncontained!

So with precision,
I captured
a most dangerous prey!

All danger is passed...
Enjoy your weekend.


Noll in the Command Chair

Oh what a rare photo!
Moi sitting on the quartermaster's computer chair....

See that striped blanket?
That was the blanket used by the original Simba
(We are talking over 30 years ago!)
Simba used to sit on it.
Now, My Own sits on it.

She calls it "continuity."

I calls it "scratchy!"


Noll's Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the little things
rustling in the lily leaves.

I'm thankful for the flutterflies
that light upon the nip.

I'm thankful for our VETERANS
who serve on land, and air and ship.


Noll's Marcal Photo Contest Entry

Hello furfriends.....My Own has entered a photo contest.  First prize is a new camera.  She would REALLY like to have a new camera ;)  Hers is almost 6 years old....Here's the link to vote and the photo.  Thanks!



Noll Watches Tiggy Shake Off the Sleepies

Golden slumber seal your eyes....

Smile, sweet Tiggy. 
Make a smile :)

Whiskers reach the sky.

Sleepy head.
Can't seem to rise.

One more YAWN.
And make it W-I-D-E!

Morning sunshine.
Sweet green eyes :)


Noll's November Photo Shoot

I'm ready for my closeup

Not going to smile......

Still not smiling

Still Life!!!


Nolls Says: "Dona Nobis Pacem"

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

The peace I hold in my heart,
I share with you today
and always.....



Noll Beholds the Power of Mancat!

"In the land of Mordor,
In the shadow of Mount Doom!"
(Oh wait....wrong story line...)

"In the Land of Mancat,
In the shadow of Mount Zoom!"

The White Lord,'
has but to reach out his paw
to make the lady cats swoon!!"

(PSSSST! NOT YOU Squeak! -
 The lady cats are supposed to swoon.)

"And into his mancatliness
The White Lord poured out his will
to dominate all others!

For felines are so easily seduced....
(WAIT, that's not right.....)

"For felines are so easily seduced
by power!!!

The Power of Mancat!!!

There is none who can contend with it