Noll is NOT a Morning Cat

It's 5:30 AM. 
Time for stinky goodness!
No surprises. 
Just plain stinky "stinky goodness."
We follow you into the kitchen
like little lost sheep.
We need that stinky like you
need your caffeine.
Through blurry eyes,
we watch you arrange the bowls.
We await that wonderful tinny, popping sound!
Our little minds chant...
"Stinky goodness, stinky goodness."
Nomma Momma
Nommy Nommies!!"
Instead, what we gets
 is sudden blindness!!!
I haven't even done my furs
or wiped the "Katzendreck"
(that's East Prussian for cat dirt or
what you humans call 'sleep') from my eyes.
Thanks for photographing me with that left eye boogie.

!!And look at my legs...They're just nubbins!!

Please make a note of this:
I don't do mornings....OR candid camera!