Noll's Glimpse of Spring

The sun is shining.  It warms my fur.
Today, Spring is with us.

Besides Rascal's grave, the crocuses are blooming.  Bright colors amidst gray stone and brown earth.
Sunday, Winter returns. 


Noll Says "Until We Meet Again."

Eric's and Flynn's blog http://twodevoncats.blogspot.com/ was one of the first that we followed.  I loved to hear about their outdoor adventures
 over there is beautiful Devon, England.
Today, we learned that Eric has ventured past those verdant fields to Rainbow Bridge.  I am sure the Rainbow there just got a little brighter. Although, here, the world is dimmer.  Run free, orange and cream love. 
I hope when it is my time, you will be the first one to greet me.

graphic by Ann of Zoolarty